BattleBots Renewed for a Second Season

Bowtie-bladed Nightmare deals with spinner-bot and fire-breathing nuisance-bot Warrior Clan on the season premiere of BattleBots.
BattleBots (Photo: David Moir / ABC)

Metallic carnage and pyrotechnics will be back on ABC next summer: BattleBots has been renewed for a second season!

ABC announced Thursday it has picked up its fighting robot tournament series BattleBots for a second season.

The tournament will expand, both in field size and types of robots permitted. The release implies that there could be as many as 60 robots— possibly 64, if only to make a sensible bracket. Drones and other flying bots may also be allowed to compete, adding another dimension and several new angles for shrapnel to travel.

According to the Futon Critic, the show averaged 5.4 million viewers over its six-week summer run, holding on to a big chunk of its lead-in audience1 and appealing to several audience demographics.

Keep an eye on the BattleBots website for more information as production begins.

  1. Thanks, Celebrity Family Feud  

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