Survivor Cambodia Second Chance Recap: The Deets on Deitz

The new Bayon (which looks a lot like the old Bayon) assembles on Survivor: Cambodia
Survivor: Cambodia (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance Episode 6: “Bunking with the Devil” — With a surprise exit, the tribes get reshuffled back to two. Hijinks and horking ensue.

Previously on Survivor Second Chance: Angkor (wat?!) finally won Immunity, giving Abi’s crusade against Woo a break for a couple days. Ta Keo also won Immunity, though that didn’t stop Joe from forming an “Everyone but Terry Deitz” pact with his tribe. Kimmi and Monica bickered about over-clamming and all-female alliances, leading the original Bayon-ettes (Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi) to blindside the Survivor: Samoa alumna. 15 are left — who will go home next?


Short answer to that last question: Terry Deitz. Probst shows up at Camp Ta Keo on Night 13 to speak with Terry. Probst pulls the player aside to inform him that his son Danny has been hospitalized. The doctor and Mrs. Deitz told the producers Terry should come home. That second sentence seemed almost superfluous, as Terry instantly said he’s out and heads back to grab his bag and say peace out to his team. Everyone completely understands Terry’s decision and who knows, he might be able to come back for a second edition of Survivor: Medevac1

The gravity of the situation has also reduced the credits to a simple title card.

  1. Abi’s original season.  

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