Wooo! TNT’s The Librarians Returns on Sunday!

We were looking for a full cast photo, but... c'mon. (The Librarians, photo courtesy TNT)

There’s still a Librarians of Congress joke out there on to which we haven’t quite put our finger.

TNT’s wacky movies turned wacky short-season-series gets a second ten episode installment beginning this Sunday with back to back one hour shows.

Needless to say, ostensible adults Ryan and Mooch are utterly delighted.

Which ‘exotic’ locale are we hoping for this go ’round?

R: This week I (re?)watched the two Librarian movies that are available on Hulu; both spent a lot of time in jungles and caves, not weird bodysnatcher time-shifting towns. One of them required that our hero “travel between the breasts of Sheba.” I don’t have a specific locale that I’m hoping for, as long as it makes room for more terrible euphemisms.

M: That was a euphemism? I need to watch the movies. I’ve only seen the Stana Katic is a sultry New Orleans vampire one. (Spoilers – Stana Katic is a vampire in that one.)

I would like it if they broke out of the Euro-American area some more – the dragons episode did it a bit – so a jungle wouldn’t be a bad change of pace.


What critical artifact1 will show up in the premiere?

R: Does John Larroquette count?

M: Everything I think of winds up overlapping with Warehouse 13. It actually makes me wonder how much material The Librarians can claim as ‘original’ source.

Anyway – I doubt it’ll be the first episode, but I’m calling it now – the witches’ cauldron from Macbeth is going to show up this season.


Who will be this season’s Big Bad?

M: If they don’t bring back Morgan/Morganna, I’ll eat the magic-imbued hat of some famous person from the Middle Ages. Alicia Witt was so good.

R: Agreed. It seems like The Guardian might take a step back in the same way The Librarian did in season 1, so we need some consistency. Morganna is a great way to make that happen.


What’s the line on level of plot coherency?

M: My DVR is already showing episode 3 scheduled before episode 2, so I put it at 100:1.

R: Pretty sure plot coherency is not a thing that exists in The Library’s universe(s). 500:1.


The Librarians second season 2-hour premiere is this Sunday, November 1, at 8/7c, on TNT. That was a lot of commas.

  1. That somehow doesn’t overlap with Warehouse 13…  

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  • The first two movies are both on Hulu. One of them features a Jonathan Frakes cameo, which may or may not have made me giggle uncontrollably.

    I said “(re?)watch” in the main article because I feel like I must have seen these movies at some point, and yet nothing about them was familiar. I didn’t even remember the presence of Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart! (I have no idea how they convinced the two of them to be in these movies multiple times, let alone the first time. Maybe I was confusing them with Night at the Museum?) Anyway, they merged the characters of Curtin and Newhart into one for the TV series and cast John Larroquette. The more I think about that, the more brilliant it is.

    • Aaron Mucciolo

      Okay, I didn’t really have any plans for tomorrow anyway….