The Whispers: Drill Finds Orion

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

Drill finds Orion and you won’t BELIEVE who it is! Or maybe you will. This show can be pretty basic.Picking up after last week’s public display of electrocution, everyone on The Whispers thinks Minx is Drill. Remember how she shoved Cassandra1 and left a nasty burn mark on the First Daughter’s arm?

Of course, Wes is in complete denial that his daughter’s been possessed. Defense Secretary Frommer won’t let him talk to Minx, so he asks Claire to interview her. Claire visits Minx’s prison cell, where the little one’s hands are shackled in electric-proof gloves. Claire wants her to prove she isn’t Drill. Possessed or not, Minx recognizes the futility in that, noting, “Shouldn’t you have to prove I’m guilty?” Good point, kid. Still kinda hoping you’re Drill, though.

Claire asks Minx to remove her gloves and touch her hands. Minx takes off the gloves, but refuses to make contact. She claims she doesn’t want to do this because Claire hates her and wants her to be guilty.2 Claire says she just wants to catch Drill, but Minx says it’s not that easy. Oh, word? My impression was that this would all be over next week.

Sean and Rollins meet with the reporter who’d been working with Dr. Benavidez.3 He was investigating the Harbor Point explosion and connected it to all these sick kids. According to him, it’s just a matter of time before all the other media outlets figure it out.

Claire asks Henry what he saw during Minx’s altercation with Cassandra. Though he hates to admit it, his pal Minx definitely grabbed Cassandra around the vicinity of that burn mark. Later, Claire, Wes and Frommer interview Silas, who witnessed Dr. B’s murder. Again, he says Minx definitely did it.

A Department of Defense employee tells Frommer, Claire and Wes that someone edited the last note on one of Dr. B’s files right after her murder. The file name is “Millicent Lawrence” a.k.a. Minx.4 At this point, both Frommer and Claire are sure Minx is Drill. Wes is sad.

Sean confides in Rollins that he wants to tell the reporter everything, because then dude will call the White House to verify and the Winters administration will have to release the children in quarantine a.k.a. kid prison.

Wes visits Minx and promises to protect her. He tries comforting her with their old school jam, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Minx says she can’t remember the words because her brain is fuzzy. Now Wes FINALLY believes Minx is Drill. He leaves the room while she cries, but she stops after he leaves. Meanwhile, Wes sobs and pounds his fists against the wall while Claire looks uncomfortable.

Later, Minx calls out to cell neighbor Henry for help, which gives him a headache. In a last ditch effort, Wes asks Claire if they can expel Drill from Minx’s body. Claire is ambivalent but wants to help.

Sean tells the reporter all about his arctic adventure with the top secret military weapon that inadvertently wound up summoning Drill.

Claire and Wes visit Minx’s cell, but she’s gone. Frommer has already received President Winters’s permission to execute her using their top secret weapon. Frommer apologizes to Wes as he has his heavies toss him and Claire from the building. As military vehicles pull in, Wes cries like a baby while Claire cradles his big, dumb head.

Sean informs Claire that he’s leaked his story and the kids will be released soon. Meanwhile, the White House press secretary informs President Winters that a reporter is calling about Drill. Winters calls a press conference to announce the existence and imminent disposal of Drill, and also orders that the quarantined children be freed.

As kid prison is evacuated, Frommer rolls in his anti-Drill weapon. Minx lies helpless, hooked to a machine. Wes and Claire head to the White House for the presser, hoping they can convince Winters to take a different approach with Minx.

When Sean tells the reporter that the press conference is on, he says something about Oberon coming to his senses. Apparently, the secret service uses “O” code names for the first family – Oberon for the prez, Olympia for the first lady, etc. Guess who first daughter Cassandra is? Orion, a.k.a Drill’s best friend. Cassandra is Drill!

After Sean notifies Claire, she and Wes put it all together – Drill possessed Cassandra and framed Minx with the edited filed. Silas saw her kill Dr. B but she pressured him into lying by threatening to kill his mom. When Minx shoved her, she burned her own arm but made it seem like she was grabbing her ouchie in pain. Ooh, that conniving little… Now Claire and Wes have to warn Winters about his kid and stop Frommer from killing Minx.

Wes heads for kid prison while Claire begs some secret service dudes to stop the presser; they don’t listen. At first she can’t even explain what CassanDrill’s game is. While talking to Rollins, she realizes the press conference itself is CassanDrill’s game. This televised event is how he’ll send a signal to his alien race.

Claire makes a run for the presidential podium, but a secret service dude tackles her. Winters holds his conference, where he announces that they’ve beaten this alien enemy nobody knew existed. Suddenly, CassanDrill rushes the stage and belts out a deafening scream, which is the alien’s way of saying, “Hi, family! Here I am. Come get me.”

Word of CassanDrill’s performance piece reaches Frommer before he can kill Minx. Wes (who’d dodged military gunfire to get inside kid prison, but had no luck convincing Frommer of his own accord) is conveniently available to retrieve his child.

Sean and Henry (who were happily reunited after the kid prison evacuation) watch the presser from home, knowing full well that the shit’s about to hit the fan. Then their cable dies. Too far, Drill. Too far.

As the first lady timidly approaches the small human formerly known as her sweet, beloved daughter, Claire saunters up from behind. CassanDrill shows zero emotion, saying, “Don’t worry, Claire. I’m not going anywhere.”

In happier news, Wes carries Minx away from kid prison as they rock out their best ever rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” while gazing at the night sky. Sure, soon they’ll be seeing the lights of their incoming alien oppressors, but that’s next week’s problem. Season5 finale, here we come!

  1. That’s right, President Winter’s kid. I missed that detail last week cuz show kinda sucks at making third tier characters memorable  
  2. Plus one, girl!  
  3. RIP  
  4. Which finally answers the question, who in the hell names their kid Minx? Thankfully, no one.  
  5. Series?  

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