The Whispers: Wes’s Quarantine

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

“Quarantine” sounds so clinical and creepy. Wes’s quarantine is really more like a secret government prison. Which is way worse.Picking up on the sadness at the end of last week’s The Whispers, Lena’s still dead. BOOOOOO!!!! Wes is totally shell-shocked at the funeral, but still bitter enough to refuse Claire and her family’s condolences; he actually slams the front door in their faces.1 During a quiet moment, Minx tells him that Mommy would have wanted them to fight Drill. Then she complains of a headache. THEN she passes out.

Wes rushes Minx to the ER and soon learns from Dr. Benavidez that every friend-of-Drill kid is suffering the same headache and fever symptoms. Wes warns Claire, who then brings sickly Henry in. Unbeknownst to all of them, the “nice old man” who drove Lena and Minx home in the last episode is also lurking about the hospital.

Lights start flashing in the ER — hi, Drill! — and Claire follows the disco glow all the way to a room where little Harper2 is sitting. Harper says that Drill is there and he’s looking for Orion. Or maybe it’s O’Ryan? Who knows.

Wes meets with Defense Secretary Frommer and President Winters. Wes convinces Winters to let him round up all of Drill’s friends, including the first daughter, because tests results show that bastard alien has left a marker on their little brains; as he gets weaker, so do they. In other words, Wes is calling for a quarantine.

Rollins and Claire talk about Orion/O’Ryan and she suggests they gather all the friend-of-Drill families to see if they have a clue. Just then, the TV newscast in the background announces that there’s an outbreak of viral encephalitis, which is Wes’s BS cover for the friend-of-Drill infection.

Soon, kids all over D.C. are getting rounded up. Even Henry. Even the first daughter! Wes handles this with his usual aplomb – he has all the kids taken in vans to a secured facility (a prison, essentially) where their parents will never find them. Claire and Sean are livid.

While in the van, the kids admit to each other that their symptoms are gone and no one’s heard from Drill lately. Wes assures Minx (who is also a prisoner, but didn’t have to ride in the special van) that the building is surrounded by an electrical-free zone, so Drill can’t get in. Which means everything will be just fine, right? Ha ha!

Everyone knows Wes’s quarantine is shady, except Wes of course. When he brings Dr. B there to run tests, she says, “You know, where I come from when people are rounded up by the government…” and he replies, “This isn’t like that.” Bullshit. Whatever Wes thinks he has under control, the kids are getting testy and they already distrust Miss Special Treatment Minx (they know she’s the warden’s kid).

Meanwhile, Claire and Sean meet with all the other freaked out parents. Some say they feel like they’ve been followed (probably by Nice Old Man, who’s stalking the Bennigan house that very moment). They’re mostly just panicky and not helpful.

That night, Dr. B calls someone from the prison lab to discuss her medical findings. Right before she reveals whatever crazy shit she just discovered, someone comes up and electrocutes her. Wes finds her dead body the next day,3 with a kid-sized handprint burn mark on her arm. That’s right – Drill’s already possessed a kid, and now that little mofo is trapped in the prison with all the other kids. GREAT JOB, GOVERNMENT DUDES.

Of course, this is when Wes calls Claire for help. He needs her to interview the kids. She’s rightly pissed but agrees to help anyway. Meanwhile Sean goes to tell Rollins about Dr. B’s murder.

When Claire gets to the prison, she briefs Frommer and Wes on her interrogation technique – it’s real soft-like. Y’know, questions like, “What do you fear?” and “What do you dream?”4 She interviews all the kids, including Henry and Minx (who obvi hates her). Since I’m not a brilliant child psychologist like Claire, it’s hard to tell if they’re regular-cagey or actually Drill.

Meanwhile, Sean turns the tables on Nice Old Man, who has followed him into a parking garage. Using his slick military training, he strangles and threatens the guy, yeah! Turns out Nice Old Man is a news reporter who’d been in contact with Dr. B, and he’s ready to break this Drill story wide open.

Claire interviews Silas, a VERY cagey kid who claims to know whom Drill’s possessed. Silas can’t tell Claire out loud for fear of bringing retribution upon his mom. Claire asks him to point at a photo instead.5 Just as we see Silas gearing up to ID a pic (Henry’s is in the mix!), we cut to a close-up shot of some little electric powered finger messing with the security system. Pretty soon the whole prison is on red alert and the place is being evacuated.

Amid the pandemonium, Minx gets into a scuffle with Silas. Henry tries to break it up, but no luck. Minx pushes Silas. Another girl pushes Minx, who shoves her back and knocks her to the ground. Claire looks at the fallen girl’s arm, which now has a devil’s brand burn mark on it. Claire asks Silas what’s up. That’s when he and EVERY OTHER KID IN THE ROOM point at Minx.

Okay, this scene legit freaked me out. While I LOVE the idea of Minx being Drill, I’m guessing this might be a clever Drill set up in which all the kids are gladly ganging up on her because nepotism. And maybe also because of her perpetually snotty face. Either way, not cool, kid mob!

But if Minx really is Drill, at least Lena doesn’t have to be sad about it now that she’s dead? That’s my consolation. I no longer care about Wes’s feelings.

  1. Because Lena hated Claire? But why is she the villain when Wes consensually sexed her, too?  
  2. Remember her from the treehouse of death?  
  3. RIP Dr. Benavidez!  
  4. Sounds like torture to me, but okay.  
  5. Because that won’t make Drill angry, right?  

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