OMGOMGOMG Did You See What Rookie Blue Just Did?!?!

R: I am trying to figure out who dies.

M: A valid consideration with this show.

R: Not Peck the Male, I don’t think they’d do THAT to Nash twice.

M: Unless she shoots him!

R: Oh good point, although I don’t think she’d actually do that. Unless he threatened her son! Which could be foreshadowed by the conversation she had with Demolitions Guy in the car, about protecting her kid from dirty cops.

M: Plus we’ve seen the son more this season…

R: Yeah, so Nash Jr. gets kidnapped, Nash kills Peck the Male.

M: I don’t love that as an endgame, but Boy Peck is a pretty good actor so we could get a good build to that.

R: That’s all solid so far, though, and doesn’t answer the “how do they screw this up” part. Chloe already had one near-death experience, so not her. Epstein? Has he almost died?

M: Yes? I forget how.

R: Andy and Sam both have.

M: We haven’t lost an original rookie, right?

R: Nope – Andy, Dov, Nash, Peck, Diaz. Of those, Diaz is probably the most expendable right now. Except for boinking the boss’ wife, he’s not doing much.

M: He has that Jeep Wrangler to care for!

R: Does that count as a kid or no?

M: Snerk. Collins… should not die.

R: OH! The Collins storyline.

M: You mean the Collins episode.

R: Well I watched it in two pieces, I think, so in my mind it’s a storyline ☺ “And now, the exciting conclusion of the show you fell asleep watching last night…” But really – I totally did not know whether he was going to kill that dude or not.

M: All three actors there – Collins, Ward, and the drunk… excellent work.

R: Yeah, especially from the Mark Ruffalo lookalike.

M: THAT’S why I thought I knew him!

R: At first I actually thought it WAS him, but then I thought — pfft no this is Canadian TV.

M: Yeah, they’d be lucky to snag Kevin Corrigan.

R: ‘zackly. You know, I honestly can’t come up with a way this is gonna go sideways. I have full faith in the show that it WILL. It wouldn’t be Rookie Blue if it didn’t.

M: They’d have to work to make it crash and burn, but yes, exactly – the track record shows they’ll get the soap/plot/action balance wrong somewhere.

R: Gail’s adoption, maybe?

M: Mmm, yes, and then nothing about that during the season finale where big things occur.

R: What do you think will happen with the possible corrupt bossman? The one who pressured IA lady (Noelle! That’s her name) for the report?

M: I’m a little more curious about the nature of the corruption, although they’ll probably just make that generic. Okay: if he gets more screen time the next couple of episodes, I’m expecting him with a gun in the finale. If we don’t see him much, then he’s led out in cuffs. Although… would the show be ballsy enough to have him get off somehow?

R: Bossman pins it all on Peck? Hmmm. Bossman takes kid, Peck the Male redeems himself by saving the kid but Bossman gets away? Nash then dumps him anyway?

M: Peck the Male still does time. Or, no – Peck gets hurt/killed saving boy from Bossman. Better – Bossman gets killed, Peck saves kid but does time.

R: There you go. A good redemption story never hurts.

M: I will say I wish we’d seen Bossman before now.

R: Yeah, he came out of nowhere – both of the bossmen, it seems like.

M: That actor went from up-from-the-streets cool guy in the first scene to absolutely reptilian in later scenes.

R: Doesn’t seem like he’ll last beyond the season – there’s just not enough there, there. Meanwhile did you see, if we get a Season 7, there will be a new showrunner at the helm?

M: Innnteresting. Sidebar – Sleepy Hollow got a new showrunner, has been rebooted creatively in the offseason, and has some studmuffin showing up as Abbie’s new FBI handler or something TANYA AND I ARE SO EXCITED!

R: I still need to catch up with that show. I stopped a few months ago when I realized I was putting it on and not even paying attention, and then Eurovision got into swing and everything else stopped for a little while.

M: …eh, you can probably pick up with season 3. I haven’t watched the last 2-3 eps of season 2 yet, tbh. I keep getting stuck on Thomas Jefferson’s hologram and the morlocks. At least Rookie Blue can’t get that inane.

R: Lol. Did TJ and Tupac have a hologram rap battle? Because if they haven’t, they should.

M: No, I think he just gets blown up at the… wait a second. He handed Crane a book at one point… Gah. I may need to finish that episode tonight just to figure out wtf.1

R: So to finish up about Rookie Blue – do you have any other ideas for what will go wrong with the show? I think the tracks for the end of the season are pretty well-laid.

M: Specifically, no. I just fear the inevitable morass as they can’t balance things well. Oh, wait – Dov could become a heroic sacrifice. It’s just dumb enough and poorly motivated enough to happen.

R: Yeah, maybe — just when he is starting to figure out what he wants to do in life besides follow Diaz around. Maybe they’ll surprise us with a tightly-written conclusion.

M: That would be a surprise.2 Man – how good was that reveal of Nash’s phone, right?! I’ll take all the dumb halves of episodes for a handful more moments like that.

R: Really good! Great suspense in that moment. You know something is seriously wrong but just not sure exactly what…

M: There was a tiny part of me that thought it might be Oliver’s face on the phone. Tiny. Very tiny. So small.

R: Actually the best part of that scene for me? It was a crappy picture of Peck the Male. Nobody has great pictures for their cell phone contacts! I just thought it was a really nice detail.

M: Oo, and they acually used WoW as opposed to making up a stupid name and terrible graphics.3

R: And of COURSE Dov is great at it. Although I hate when TV shows try to use technical terminology – “The IP address of the router puts her on the University Library computers” or something like that. Points for getting it technically correct4 but it just comes out so stilted.

M: Have you watched any of Mr. Robot?

R: No.

M: Don’t. They do a much better job of making the language sound natural, but have to come to screeching halts every so often to explain it to the audience proxy.

R: Yeah, I hate that. Anyway. This is one of the most enjoyable Rookie Blue seasons … ever?

M: Hey, you got my messages the other week when I was binging everything, you know I’m needlessly delighted.

R: Heh indeed. Oh here’s a thought – maybe the way they screw it up is they have a GREAT season conclusion and then don’t get renewed.

M: …..


I hate your brain right now.

R: So do I, but there we have it! It’s the ultimate fail!

M: I may try to watch next week live, meaning watch tonight’s episode, online, soon.

R: When does this show even air?

M: Thursdays, 10/9c.

R: Well I actually have cable now (it was cheaper than getting internet only) so maybe I will do the same next week!

M: Watch party!

Will Mooch and Ryan get it together to watch an episode of television live, together? How will Nash’s revelation that Peck the Male is dirty (but not like, y’know, in the fun way. Or maybe he is, this show is thankfully light on graphic stuff like that and we’re not judging, okay?) affect her and the team? Will Swarek learn a third facial expression before the season is out? Tune in Thursdays at 10/9C on ABC and sometime after that here at WEiO!

  1. Update: Finished that episode, and the season, still no idea wtf because Sleepy Hollow.  
  2. Wokka wokka wokka. -Ed.  
  3. Looking at you L&O universe.  
  4. That you can track IPs on a college campus only to an area, not necessarily to a specific computers.  

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