OMGOMGOMG Did You See What Rookie Blue Just Did?!?!

M: Poor Chloe…


M: Just… in general.

R: I just want to give her a hug. That whole conversation about Epstein removing stuff from his phone … heartbreaking.

M: Yes! And then he deletes that pic…

R: 😞 😞 😞

M: Which, had it been Andy in season 2, would have involved a major music cue and twice as much screen time.

R: Exactly. Although I appreciate that Chloe’s overcompensating with the whole “feel free to jack off to your memories of me” comment. I wouldn’t have expected that from her, but it’s clear she’s hurt and trying not to show it.

M: Yes – I mean, she’s never been great about showing her feelings, especially when she’s hurt. But this season it’s all been percolating up so beautifully, and so painfully. I like a number of the moments we’ve gotten this season, and especially how they’re not overextending dramatically – Oliver’s little mini speech right at the end of this episode… so neatly balanced.

R: Oh my god I am so heartbroken for him.

M: Right? Who wouldn’t be after that? Also – his daughter’s hit 62 home runs? Let’s assume that’s over 4 full seasons of varsity – those are recruitable numbers.

R: Absolutely. So why was she not at the community baseball game?

M: …which episode did she get busted for X?

R: Are you saying there was a conspiracy afoot to keep her off the diamond that day? ☺

M: …well now I am. So I’m realizing there may be a simple math problem this season. Shows always feel a need to bring in fresh faces – last two seasons it was Duncan and Boy Peck – and they bring them in in part so they don’t have to pair the same people up over and over, right? But that means making new storylines.

R: Right. This season it’s … Ward? Is that her name?

M: Yes – although she’s sorta vital, plus we’ve only gotten half an ep of her and Collins.

R: And we got a small return of whatshername, the woman from IA.1

M: See, but additions like those work in the equation. They either provide a necessary partnering for a single character, or can be tied into multiple characters at the same time, a la the IA investigation.

R: Right.

M: Maybe I’m just working up to complaining that Duncan is no longer a solid addition and Gail and Chloe are both flying solo (do not ship, internet, please) and thus we have too many plots, not enough character time.

R: Well, I was going to say that I finally like Duncan.

M: Ah, but that’s the issue – this math problem doesn’t care who we like!

R: No, I mean, I like what he brings. Who else is causing laughter on any kind of a regular basis? “Sometimes I like to pee sitting down.” HA!

M: True. He’s on some ABC show this fall I think2 – he’s clearly a comic who’s done well in the role.

R: Yeah, this season I feel like he’s being written less like “asshole who’s going to get people killed” and more like “goofball who just can’t help himself”

M: I mean, he’s probably still a lousy cop.

R: Oh absolutely. But he provides humor to the show and I am enjoying him for that. Honestly? If I had to kick 2-3 people off the island? It would not be Duncan, Chloe, and Gail. It would be Andy, Sam, and … dunno who else.

M: Marlo? Not that she’s been a major presence.

R: Yeah, she is basically only there to 1) screw with A&S’s storyline and 2) turn Epstein into a detective. Which is too bad, there is a lot that character could bring to the show. (I’m really glad that she’s not the dirty cop, though.)

M: I dunno. They tried using that character more two seasons ago and its strength was solely built around giving Andy an actual competitor for once.

R: True. So yeah, I vote off that whole trio. Do you think Gail will actually ever get to adopt? I am thinking about whether there are too many kids on the show, either directly or indirectly. We already have Nash as the single mom.

M: Oliver’s brood, impending Marlo-Swarek… didn’t IA lady get pregnant?

R: Yeah, and remind me what happened to the dude she married? The one who used to be in charge or something? Oh and Diaz’s son although that hasn’t been a storyline in a while.

M: Right! Wait, didn’t it turn out to not be his kid?

R: Right but they did get married after she got cold feet. I think.

M: Let’s loop back to the ostensible cop part of this soap opera.

R: Frank Best, that was his name. (Thank you IMDB.)

M: Yes! Great name.

R: Best name, even. (I’ll show myself out.)

M: (Sigh) I think this is a damn good storyline – corrupt cops, the explosion, Undercover Redhead is a strong addition, good to see IA lady back, and it puts Oliver in the center of things which is often a great look for the show. BUT we have at least 4 more episodes to go. So, Ryan – I ask you: How will they screw this up?

  1. Internal affairs, not Iowa.  
  2. Kevin From Work – Ed.  

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