OMGOMGOMG Did You See What Rookie Blue Just Did?!?!

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Ryan and Mooch sure saw it. And then gushed at each other for a bit.

Great minds think alike, as Mooch IM’d Ryan to gurgle about season 6, episode 7’s delicious plot twist moments after both had finished watching season 6, episode 7 – without any coordination or planning whatsoever.1 So, even though it’s a week old (hooray for streaming!) – spoiler warning.

Big spoiler warning.


We’ll pick up mid-conversation, post a lot of exclamation points, with the caveat that the gents have terrible memories and don’t include character names until most of the way through, if at all.

M: OMG, briliant. F-ing. Twist.

R: Agreed. I could partially see it coming … I knew it would be someone who SAID they were Oliver Shaw but actually was not Oliver Shaw.

M: Well, yes.

R: And I thought it sloppy work that Sam did not follow up on his question about what the cop LOOKED LIKE – but I did not expect it to be Peck the Male.

M: Yeah, okay – THAT bugged the hell outta me. But the reveal itself makes total sense – they set it up well the episode before with all his rule bending/breaking – and yet, still so hurtful. Hasn’t Nash suffered enough?

R: I guess, but what’s Peck’s larger motivation? And OMG can someone please cut Nash a break for real. She just got done being stalked and kidnapped. Meanwhile Andy loses her engagement ring – ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS

M: I know! I figured Swarek had it – a better resolution than the alternative, that being a drawn out ‘things are missing, and then they are found’ parallel between all three plots.

R: Is it terrible that I was kinda sorta hoping the dirty cop was Swarek?

M: No, because then he’d be interesting.

R: (Still kinda sorta hoping that actually.) Oh yeah, and Andy and Sam missed the whole shooting thing because they were at the cabin.

M: Speaking of Andy, and this show, and them supposedly being cops…

R: Yeees?

M: When she’s chasing the kid through the library – how does she not hurdle the book cart?

R: I KNOW. She, like, stepped into it. I feel like that should be the first thing taught in Being A Cop 101. You jump OVER things, not into them, when you are chasing someone. Maybe she missed class that day.

M: Granted it’s a hard bit to stage since it looks like they’re in an actual library – but I’m not asking for Jackie Chan-level Supercop-ing. I’m asking for her to look like a cop.

R: The other thing about that bit that bothered me was … do you realize how heavy those book carts are? Pretty sure that scrawny girl could not have knocked it over so easily.

M: 15 year old video game girl doesn’t look like she does a lot of upper body work. Although: nice casting with her

R: Agreed, and with the dad too. “I feel like I’m losing my mind.” Such a great line delivery.

M: Yes, dead on. He’s a Canadian actor – was the tech guy on Flashpoint.2

R: The daughter blowing the rape/attack whistle made me laugh, as did Andy’s reaction to it. “Noooo no no no no!” — such an Andy thing to do.

M: Agreed. Although that whole section made me think – how would you know a real cop badge from a good fake?

R: Exactly, and I really loved the crowd forming & pulling out their phones. “What’s the charge against her?” It was played to seem annoying but I was cheering them on.

M: I realize we’re only halfway into the season, but have Gail and Chloe been sidelined?

R: So about Gail – I actually like her this season! I don’t know if it’s me, the writing, or both — but I have really warmed up to her misanthropy. That bucket list scene, where she is trying to come up with things to do – and at one point she says “But I don’t like people, so …”

M: Haw, yes. Then the (odd) butt grab. (Sidebar: was social worker lady established as a lesbian and I missed it?)

R: No, I was wondering about that myself. I wasn’t sure how she’d react when Gail grabbed her butt – still not sure it went over so well. (Or maybe that was just me cringing on the social worker’s behalf).

M: Or on Gail’s – she looked really mortified for a moment.

R: Yeah. So I’m Team Peck the Female this season. Oh, but important! Gail’s hair! It’s like they got tired on putting her in bad wigs.

M: I haven’t really noticed it – so that probably means it’s… sane.

R: Yeah, it used to be this super white blond, or at least that’s how I remember it. Now it’s a much more natural blond, she doesn’t look so washed out all the time. Anyway. So: Chloe.

  1. Oo – possible site motto?  
  2. You know! Sergio Di Zio!  

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