The Whispers: Gaslighting Lena

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

“Mommy’s gonna do something bad.” Well, with family like Lena’s, wouldn’t you?So much spooky excitement in this week’s episode of The Whispers. I actually got scurred AND followed what was happening!

After blowing up Drill and his magical rock, Sean and Claire are on the lam. Wes runs interference with Defense Secretary Frommer, who has secretly charged Agent Rollins with apprehending Sean and Claire’s son, Henry. Rollins does take Henry to a clandestine, back woods meeting spot… where he reunites him with his parents. Way to be a mensch, Rollins!

Sean says “thanks” by punching Rollins in the face. Claire wants to know why he’s been spying on her for Frommer (which he must have revealed between episodes). Apparently he didn’t feel comfortable disobeying a cabinet-level superior’s order,1 but even Mr. Teacher’s Pet draws the line at kidnapping. This will not go over well with Frommer.

Fortunately, Frommer is more pissed at Wes and threatens to fire him for helping Claire and Sean. Wes back-threatens, bringing up the Rollins-as-spy affair2 and all the other secrets they’ve been hiding. Besides, Drill’s dead. Why not spin that into some political leverage and run for president, Secretary Frommer?

But there’s just one problem – Drill isn’t dead. Henry’s heard from his alien buddy and says he’s REAL mad. Sean and Claire panic and think about leaving their son with someone else, but ultimately decide sticking together is best. Way to hustle, Bennigan family!

Wes goes home and triumphantly announces to Lena that Drill’s been dead for a few hours, but she knows that isn’t true. She reveals she’s been chatting with Drill via Minx. They’d just spoken an hour prior, which means that shitty little alien must be alive. Instead of believing his wife, Wes checks with Minx who LIES, saying she was pretending the whole time. Way to gaslight your mom, Minx!

Sean, Claire and Henry hole up in a motel room. While junior sleeps, his once-estranged parents reminisce about the time they got food poisoning on their anniversary and bonded as they puked all night. Those were the days! Claire’s excited that Sean wants to be a family again, even if he sucks at remembering the good times.

At the office, Rollins peruses Claire’s files and stumbles upon another Friend of Drill case – from 1982! He alerts Claire, and she and the fam head to Delaware to find that kid’s relations. Claire calls to check in with Wes and tells him Drill’s still alive. Now Wes FINALLY believes Lena, leaving a “you were right, I was wrong” message on her phone. But she’s too busy cowering in a closet to field his belated apology. He gets an even worse response when he informs Frommer, who promptly fires him.

Claire, Sean and Henry visit the Harcourt household, where they talk to the father about his adult son, Thomas. Back when Dad was a NASA employee, he caught some mysterious signals from outer space. Around that time, his kid started hanging with an “imaginary” friend named Drill. Thomas later killed his brother Eliot by the river behind their house, then spent ten years in an asylum. Dad hasn’t heard from him since. Claire surmises that Drill had Thomas murder Eliot to distract their father from his work.

Minx apologizes to Lena for lying and says Drill wants to play another game. This involves possessed Scrabble letters that spell K-I-L… you get the idea. So does Lena, who refuses to play anymore. But then Drill convinces Minx to hang out on the roof next to a sizzling, crackling power line as mom watches helplessly from the back yard. This persuades Lena to do whatever the hell Drill wants. Later when Wes comes home, he finds Minx with the babysitter. Mom left with a gun and according to Minx, she’s “gonna do something bad,” as if this little brat has room to judge.

Claire figures out Thomas is using his dead brother Eliot’s name and they track him down in a creepy house near his dad’s place. She tells Henry to wait in the locked car while she and Sean bust their way inside. There’s no electricity in the house, which makes sense if the guy is trying to avoid Drill. It also makes the place super scary, which it already would be as it is full of weird symbol graffiti (like Sean’s body) and newspaper clippings (like every psychopath from every TV show/movie ever). And to top it all off, there’s a diorama of little Thomas and Eliot playing by the river of death in the basement. EEK! For real, I was scared. Suddenly, Thomas appears in the shadows.

Wes keeps calling Lena’s phone, begging her to stop. She ignores him, which he deserves. He asks Rollins to help track her down and they follow her to Delaware. Of course, Drill is directing her GPS to Claire and Sean’s location. She doesn’t want to do this. She even pulls over at a gas station to stop herself, but then some kid knocks on her window and tells her to get back to work. SUPER EEK!

With a bit of sympathetic cajoling, Claire and Sean get Thomas to talk. He says that decades of nuclear testing on Earth created an energy beacon that Drill’s people spotted across the galaxy. Lacking energy on their planet, they sent Drill to get some. The signal his NASA dad picked up was from them. Drill also needed their satellites to send messages back to his family – that’s why he always targets children of government employees. And unlike the grown-ups, the kids can hear him.

While all this exposition is happening, Henry witnesses some crackling power lines and tries to leave the car but Drill locks him in. Lena pulls up with her gun and enters the house. Claire and Sean tell Thomas that Drill is alive and he turns hysterical, insisting he killed him. But before he can say anything else, Lena walks in and shoots him. Wes and Rollins arrive. While Wes attempts to comfort his wife, Claire tries getting just a little more info from Thomas before he dies. How can they kill Drill? She begs Wes to assist her3 and he promptly leaves his traumatized wife’s side, as always. And for what? Thomas is dead.

Hey, that was pretty good. If the show can maintain this pace to the end of its only season, maybe I’ll still care what happens to these foolish mofos.

  1. Duh  
  2. How does everyone know about this already?!  
  3. Cuz he’s so helpful?  

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