The Whispers: “You’re not gonna win”

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

In the best episode of The Whispers yet, we finally get some clues about what Drill is.Hooray, it’s the best episode of The Whispers yet! We get some solid character development, more kids acting shady, and even some clues about what Drill is.

Wes leaves Mali with the radiant fulgurite and takes it back to the States. During the plane ride, he can’t resist touching its dreamy, blue-glowing center. The inexplicable energy force flings him across the room.1 Once he and the giant rock arrive at a Department of Defense black site, they receive a visit from renowned outer space expert, Dr. Catherine Tully.

Claire conducts her own covert investigation, studying profiles and pictures of every friend-of-Drill kid she’s met. Her son Henry — also an FoD — eyes her photo collection and says, “There’s more.” Claire visits Sean in prison to see if his magical tattoos have revealed the existence of more FoD kids. As usual, Sean has zero helpful leads, but does share that he feels as if he’s being physically pulled toward something (and hasn’t had this sensation since he woke up in the Saharan desert). Claire figures this must be related to whatever Wes was doing in Mali. But when she meets up with Wes later, her ex-boyfriend refuses to discuss his neato-torpedo rock. Wes is annoying. He distrusts Sean for personal reasons2 and refuses to believe he’s somehow connected to the rock. He also seems to think this rock discovery is his own genius. Then Claire explains that going to Mali wasn’t really his idea, but that he was led there by a small child acting under Drill’s influence. Haha, take that, Mr. Know-it-all!

Claire continues working without Wes. She and former partner, Agent Rollins, ask FBI Director Myers to let her quietly interview all known FoD kids at once; she thinks they’ll spill some secrets if they’re all in the same room together. She’s even discovered a new child (who helped get Dr. Rosen killed in the bike accident). Myers agrees once Claire promises to leave Wes out of it.

That means the only way they’re gonna get Wes’s daughter Minx in the room is if her mother Lena gives permission. Claire personally asks her ex-boyfriends cuckold wife if she’ll allow it. Lena refuses, mainly because she hates Claire3. Unfortunately, Minx is still in cahoots with Drill; she even tries to get Wes to reveal the black site location during one of his perfunctory “I’m a good dad” phone calls.

Defense Secretary Frommer — who we know is using Rollins to spy on both of Wes’s women — shames his underling for not knowing about Claire’s plan. So Wes shows up at the FoD group interview room with a crap ton of surveillance equipment. The kids (who were promised a gentle, non-intimidating environment) are freaked out, their parents are livid, and Claire is furious at Wes for interfering. He assures her he wouldn’t do anything to hurt these kids, especially since his own daughter is in the room. Claire replies, “You should call home more often.” Yep, that’s right – Dad of the Year didn’t even know that Lena kept Minx out of this.

Meanwhile, Secretary Frommer visits Sean and asks why he’s all up in Wes’s Mali business. Geez, when are you guys gonna get it? SEAN DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING.

Right before Claire begins the FoD group playdate, the kiddies chat amongst themselves. The general consensus is that Drill’s gonna be pissed if they talk to the adults. One kid says, “Drill doesn’t like when we get older.”4 Claire enters and begins her subtle line of questioning. The children verify that Drill only deals with their kind. One of them suggests maybe that’s because, “Grown-ups only hear what they want to hear.” But they also remind Claire that he’s helped every one of them in profound ways – from promising to protect their absentee parents to restoring Henry’s hearing. Then one of the wee ones says something about how Drill is sad because “he had to come first” and “had to find the food.”

Suddenly, the lights go out, the door locks and everyone goes berserk. Wes notices on one of the thermal cameras that any time a kid says they’re hearing from Drill, there’s a strange glow around their head. I guess that makes Drill a halo, or a tumor, or something. Anyway, after the lights come on, one little girl has a special message from Drill to Claire – “You’re not gonna win.” She’s very smily about this, which is creepy and kinda awesome.

While all that’s happening, Lena’s getting majorly freaked out by her daughter. She overhears Minx chatting with “someone” about how much she hates Claire.5 But instead of interfering, Lena plays it cool and asks if she can join in Drill’s game. Drill agrees, maybe because Lena is about as smart as a kid. But this is definitely the most interesting thing she’s done thus far, so bonus points for the stay at home mom!

Back at the black site, Wes tells Sec. Frommer about Drill feeding on radiation (hence there being none leftover after the nuclear meltdown). Just then, Dr. Tully reveals her findings – a core sample of the rock is composed of unknown matter. It’s some kind of vessel, from at least 220 light years away. It’s emitting a frequency and appears to be communicating.

Desperate to answer his calling, Sean beats his hand against the cell door until Wes and Claire arrive. He demands they take him to whatever trophy Wes brought back from Mali. Without Frommer’s permission, Wes escorts them to the black site. Sean approaches the giant rock and reaches for the glowing blue center. As Frommer watches from his hidden perch, Sean touches it but is not repelled. Instead, he absorbs the energy until he can’t take anymore. Claire holds him as he turns to her, smiles, and says, “I remember.” Yay, her husband’s amnesia is cured – thanks, Drill!

Then he looks up at Wes, frowns, and says, “I remember everything.” Oh, boy. Thanks, Drill?

  1. Kinda like how Wes rejects all the people closest to him – layers!  
  2. Because Sean had the nerve to hate him for screwing his wife?  
  3. Which Claire completely understands – are you observing how this works, Wes?  
  4. Is this a Menudo “turn 16 and you’re out” kinda situation?  
  5. OMG is Minx gonna try to kill Claire? That could lead to an awesome outcome #TeamClaire  

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