The Whispers: This is Not a Drill

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)
The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

We get it, The Whispers – Drill isn’t Sean. So who is s/he?In this week’s installment of The Whispers, the grown-ups finally figure out Sean isn’t Drill. But first, a buttload of chaotic, confusing drama…

Little miss Minx — who is so over her parents’ marital problems1 — is writing treasure hunt clues dictated by her invisible friend, Drill. She later takes those directions to young Henry, whom she’s never met before. She just shows up in his living room and introduces herself as Drill’s pal, not mentioning the fact that his mommy boinked her daddy. I don’t think I like Minx. Anyway, she knows Henry can hear now and tells him to follow the treasure hunt so he can get a special prize. She’ll run interference with Grandma so no one notices he’s gone.

Meanwhile, Claire and Wes arrive at Harbor Point nuclear facility, expecting to find Sean. Agent Rollins meets them outside a Homeland Security surveillance truck; he’s none too pleased to see his partner has ditched him for her ex-boss/lover. The three of them chat with the nuke facility owner, warning him about the damaged cooling pipe Sean has managed to conceal. Claire and Wes think a rogue government is funding Sean’s mission, with the intent of creating a nuclear meltdown. Nuke owner dude isn’t worried about the cooling pipe because he has all these fancy back-up systems so that will NEVER hap… oh, wait. Someone’s just used their magical electric powers to trip the emergency evacuation sirens. It’s Sean.

As all non-essential personnel vacate the facility, Sean walks in with his hostage, Dr. Benavidez. In addition to this amazing feat of “Nothing to see here, just a crazy guy strong-arming a terrified woman into a building under evacuation,” Sean can also turn off cameras and lock doors. Sure. Okay. At this point, Nuke owner guy is scared enough to revert to an emergency cooling system.

Henry embarks on Drill’s treasure hunt, a long journey that later leads him to a mysterious tunnel. Meanwhile, Claire calls home to check on him and hears he’s been playing with Minx all morning. Ick, that creepy kid? Claire tells Grandma to get him on the phone stat, which is when she notices he’s missing (Minx cleverly bails before anyone asks questions). Claire tells Wes she’s going home to look for him. She spots Henry’s abandoned bike along the way and figures out he’s heading for Harbor Point, too. Naturally, she assumes that Sean is summoning him there.

Once inside the facility, Sean hands Dr. Benavidez his gun. Being Mr. Amnesiac, he doesn’t know why he’s there anymore than she does. So he asks her to shoot him if he does something bad. She’s way on board with that plan and takes aim, but then Sean has a seizure; I guess Drill didn’t appreciate him flipping the script. Just then, the facility security team busts in and apprehends both of them. Hooray, they think they caught the bad guy!

Wes calls Lena to share the good news, but also asks where the hell Minx is. Honestly, Lena hasn’t a clue because she spends all day worrying about him and Claire. But then Minx waltzes into her mom’s kitchen with an alibi,2 which is good enough for her. Lena hangs up with Wes, then tells Minx everything is gonna be just fine at the nuclear facility. Minx says, “I don’t think grown-ups always really know what’s going on, even when they say they do.” Shade.

Wes is convinced Sean got help from someone. He interrogates him via intercom, but Sean just screams from his holding cell, “The one who makes this happen…he’s here!” Claire returns to the facility, at which point she and Wes see Henry on camera, crawling around under the cooling towers. She talks to Sean, begging him to leave Henry out of it. But he has no clue who she is or what she’s on about so he just screams some more. Then the power goes out. Sean escapes his cell.

At this point, nuke facility owner dude is full-fledged freaking out about a possible meltdown and wants to flood the reactor. This will inevitably drown little Henry. Claire begs Wes to stall while she finds her son, saying “He’s all I have left.” Wes replies, “Not all.” Wow, way to flirt with your ex-girlfriend when her kid’s about to die.

As Claire blindly runs through the enormous facility, Wes directs her via cell phone from the surveillance truck. She finds a window looking into the room where Henry has finished his treasure hunt, but can’t get to him. It looks like she’s about to watch her kid drown. Then Sean suddenly appears. He manually closes the flood gate, saving Henry – yay! But this also means imminent meltdown – eek!

Wes, Rollins and the nuke owner dude run outside the surveillance truck to watch their world get nuked. Enormous plumes of black smoke shoot out of the towers, then get sucked into a giant flash in the sky. What in the hell, Drill – was that your dinner??

Claire, Sean and Henry exit the facility. When security dudes in hazmat suits rough up Sean, Henry screams, “Stop hurting him!” Claire cries tears of joy when she discovers her child can hear again. That quickly changes when she learns this cure was a secret gift from his buddy, Drill.

Meanwhile, Minx informs Lena that Sean isn’t Drill, further proving her original point that grown-ups haven’t a clue. Damn it, I hate when that pipsqueak is right.

So it looks like one of these mofos is the human shape of a (probably alien) entity known as Drill. But who is it? I’m guessing Rollins, but I really wish it could be Minx. Maybe we’ll find out more next week.

  1. Get a divorce, Wes and Lena!  
  2. Which was also a guilt trip – she was making a magic loom cell phone cover for Wes so he’ll think about her while he spends his whole day making important calls. OH, BROTHER.  

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