UnREAL Talk: Roger Dodger

(L to R) Nathalie Kelley (“Grace”), Freddie Stroma (“Adam”), Tom Brittney (“Roger”), Johanna Braddy (“Anna”) and Natasha Wilson (“Maya”) star in Lifetime’s all-new drama UnREAL
UnREAL (Photo: James Dittiger / Lifetime)

UnREAL demonstrates that “it could be worse” by inflicting another man on the ladies. Also, more manipulation!

Adam + Grace. Who(se mouth) is Adam most into? (Literally?) The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wardrobe department. Naturally, everyone – including Quinn, who should be delighted – wants to slut-shame Grace for this, but she is not the slut. Adam is the slut. Grace is simply an opportunist.

Jeremy’s broad shoulders. It is damn annoying that Jeremy’s fiancée Lizzie is so pissed at him for having an ex-girlfriend. Although she does look very young, and sometimes those young’uns expect a crystal-clean dating history. I do wish that we could read Rachel’s email – based on the teasing, it sounds juicy.

Chet + Quinn. This terribly unsexy romance comes to a screeching halt when Chet has an almost-heart attack mid-intercourse. Gross. Even grosser: Chet’s wife knows all about his affair and excitedly mentions the lucrative life insurance policy she has on him.

Fucking Roger. Can we talk about fucking ROGER, please? He doesn’t seem to have any concerns that this show will be televised, because he is acting like a complete and utter criminal. Between the nonstop sexual harassment of all the contestants and the implied rape of Maya, they should send him off in a limo…to a federal penitentiary. I hope Everlasting’s insurance is up to date, because they will almost certainly be sued for this.

Rachel’s mom. It is commonly said that a lot of therapists get into the profession because they themselves are crazy, which appears to be true in this case. All she does is constantly psychoanalyze her family members, while having no realization that diagnosing and treating your own relatives is totally unethical and probably would result in her losing her license to practice. At least now we see how Rachel turned out so questionably.

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