The Whispers: Lies, Lies, Secrets and More Lies

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

Just about everyone on The Whispers has a secret agenda. And these two need to get a room.In this week’s installment of The Whispers, pretty much everyone is working from a secret agenda. Let’s start at the Bennigan Household, a.k.a. The Liar’s Club. Young ginger Henry is hiding his newfound ability to hear, under orders from “imaginary” friend Drill. Meanwhile, his FBI agent mom Claire is secretly freaking out about the Tattoo Guy suspect sketch, which looks an awful lot like her dead husband Sean; she hasn’t told her partner Rollins, who’s wondering why the hell she wants to wait on releasing it to the public.

Claire calls her ex-boss/ex-lover Wes for more info on Sean’s mysterious Saharan desert crash, but he’s ignoring her. He’s finally back home, but still in the doghouse with wife Lena (who isn’t over the Claire affair). They’re doing a really bad job of hiding their troubles from daughter Minx, who takes comfort in the company of her new BFF, Drill. Claire needs answers, so she stalks Wes and nearly crashing her car into his. They have it out on a street corner. He begs her to leave him alone so he can have a second chance with Lena. She says she needs her second chance with maybe-not-dead Sean. She shows him the sketch. They talk about how they shouldn’t be talking about these highly classified matters. But all that really matters is that their body language reeks of sexual tension, so maybe that affair ain’t completely over.

Meanwhile, Sean (who is definitely Tattoo Guy) is charging about town as if he’s on a mission. He acts more like a scary robot than the self-aware dude who woke up with amnesia in the hospital. He visits a storage unit “office” space, festooned with the customary serial killer’s collection of newspaper clippings and chicken scratch notes. He has lots of photos of Harper, the cute little girl who tried to murder her mom with help from Drill.

Claire and Rollins again try to question Harper at the hospital, where her mom lays in a coma. Harper says Drill won’t let her talk to the Feds, so Claire enlists Dr. Benavidez as a proxy. No dice – Drill tells Harper to keep quiet. But the doctor notices Claire’s sketch and reveals that Tattoo Guy was a patient who went M.I.A. She tells Claire and Rollins about his weird treehouse tattoo and ramblings in Arabic. By this point, Rollins knows Claire is hiding something about their suspect. “I think it might be my husband,” she says, and he makes this really funny WTF? face. Ha, wait’ll he finds out that Drill is an alien!

Meanwhile, Wes and his Defense Department team are studying the desert crash. These geniuses figure out that Sean must have had help rerouting and fueling his plane that was supposed to be in the Arctic Circle. Wes says Sean may be connected to a bombing at Westings Industrial Supply (which Claire told him). Then someone suggests they start monitoring the guy’s family. Wes is all, “Yeaahhh, great idea” because having your employees spy on your ex-girlfriend is creepy, but revealing your connection to said ex-girlfriend is career suicide.

Surprise! Wes comes home to find FBI Director Myers and his team confiscating his computer because SOMEBODY downloaded some classified files. Wes thinks Lena was snooping for dirt on him and Claire. Lena thinks he’s an ass for accusing her. Minx finally fesses up and begs them to stop fighting, which makes her treasonous actions seem like a sad kid acting out. Well played, Drill. Myers pulls Wes aside and berates him for “taking advantage” of Claire’s troubled marriage.1 Wes responds, “You have no idea what she and I had.”2 Lena overhears this, which makes her mopier than ever.

Back in scary robot land, Sean sneaks back to the hospital, steals Dr. Benavidez’s keys and wallet, then busts into her home while she’s still at work. Claire tracks him down there (she saw the doctor looking for her keys and somehow figured out his scheme). He’s out the window before she can get him. A chase ensues. They share one long, meaningful glance before he disappears behind a moving bus. And when Rollins catches up and asks Claire if it was really Sean, she says, “I didn’t get a good look at him.” LIAR!

Over at the hospital, Harper begs her mom to wake up, and it works. Good job, kid! But then she asks Drill for more directions, so this probably won’t go well. Meanwhile, Henry is taking orders from Drill via the TV. Minx runs away from home, sets up shop at the playground and plays with a map that includes a funny, sailboat-shaped glyph in the corner… which is the same glyph Sean scrawled on the doctor’s bathroom floor. What does it mean? Perhaps Sean can explain to Dr. Benavidez, whom he has carjacked. Well, at least she got her keys back.

I’m hoping that next week, Claire slows down long enough to talk to Henry about his new friend, maybe ask what his name is? Other than being invisible, Drill doesn’t try that hard to hide his influence. Lucky for him, all these adults are too distracted by their own drama to notice his handiwork.

  1. Hmm, somebody seems a bit jealous.  
  2. Totally how straight dudes talk to each other about their relationships.  

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