The two girls are friends of mine and a beautiful couple

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Eurovision 2015 Entry: Italy — Il Volo — Grande Amore

May 7, 2015 1

Will televoters and juries have “Grand Amore” for Italy’s Il Volo at the Eurovision Song Contest final? Let’s hope so. Country: Italy Song Title: “Grand Amore” Artist: Il Volo Last year’s entry: “La Mia Citta”  – Emma (21st Place)1 Italy returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 after a lengthy hiatus and has been on a tear ever since. Of its last four entries, three have finished in the top 10. The outlier–last year’s entry by Emma–was the one of the four not selected by way of Italy’s Sanremo festival, a multistage music competition. Italy learned from its mistake and returned to Sanremo to select this year’s entry “Grande Amore” by the trio Il Volo. This may be the year Italy wins. First of all, this song is fantastic. Operatic performances at Eurovision have been a decidedly mixed, with Romania’s entry in 2013 finishing in the middle of the pack and France’s entry in 2011, a favorite to win that year, finishing in 15th. The guys of Il Volo are not countertenors nor are they dressed like Chocobo jockeys, so they are already ahead of the game. We know they are capable of delivering this song in a live performance, which is one of […]

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Eurovision 2015 Entry: France — Lisa Angell — N’oubliez Pas

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France will do better than they did last year at the Eurovision Song Contest, but is that saying much? Country: France Song Title: “N’oubliez Pas” Artist: Lisa Angell Last year’s entry: “Moustache” – Twin Twin (26th Place) France is one of the easiest countries to pick out of a lineup of randomly selected Eurovision songs1.  Every once in a while, the French will pick something a bet more out there (like last year’s “Moustache”, which I enjoyed but which fell completely flat with the Eurovision audience), but they tend to stick to their comfort zone of ballads and torch songs.  Given the poor reception Twin Twin got, it doesn’t surprise me they’ve gone running back to that well with this year’s entry, Lisa Angell’s “N’oubliez Pas”: This is a pleasant song, and it’s nicely sung, but it does nothing for me, especially in a field with plenty of slower songs this year.  While I think it’s likely France won’t be dead last with this song again, I an’t say I see them cracking the top 10 either.  Lisa’s voice is nice, and she gives the lyrics the right amount of emotional heft, but the melody doesn’t get stuck in my head like other […]

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Eurovision 2015 Entry: United Kingdom — Electro Velvet — Still In Love With You

May 5, 2015 2

Go home, United Kingdom — you’re drunk. Country: United Kingdom Song Title: “Still In Love With You ” Artist: Electro Velvet Last year’s entry: “Children of the Universe” – Molly (17th Place) Through the first 25 years of the Contest, the UK amassed four wins, ten silver medals, and two bronze medals with an average finish just outside the top three. The mid-80s, 90s, and early 00s were only a little less kind to the UK, with another win from Katrina and the Waves, four more silvers, another bronze, and an average finish between 6th and 7th. But starting with the UK’s first last-place finish in the 2003 Contest, things have really started to go off the rails. Since then, the Big Five nation has finished last three times (once with the dreaded nul points), cracked the top ten only once (5th place in 2009), and cultivated an average finish between 19th and 20th. (Ooof.) This, despite dragging in name-brand stars like Blue, Bonnie Tyler, and Engelbert Humperdinck. It seems like the UK is still in love with Eurovision, but is Eurovision still in love with the UK? BLACK. FACE. Y’ALL. Look, Eurovision is no stranger to cultural appropriation — and I don’t mean the kind […]

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