Clone Club Minutes: Orphan Black – Mr. Chubs

Alison Hendricks (Tatiana Maslany) wants your vote on Orphan Black
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

This week on Orphan Black, it’s Allison and Mr. Chubs against the world.

This week on Orphan Black, how did any of these women ever make it alone?  In case you missed last week, Sarah and Helena escaped their military prison camp with the help and sacrifice of Paul.  They’re now in some Central or South American Cantina where they’re met by Mrs. S and a somehow all-knowing owner.  Helena knows Mrs. S sold her out to Dyad in exchange for Sarah and Kira, but that doesn’t stop Helena from throwing punches.  Luckily, Mrs. S is able to quell the situation with promises of Helena’s importance as part of the family.

Over in serial-suburbia, Allison is still on the campaign trail for the position of School Trustee.  She and husband Donnie continue to maneuver through their ownership of the town’s soccer-mom fueled drug ring as Allison helps Donnie ‘Monitor’ herself for The Dyad Institute. You’ll remember the couple is taking over Allison’s mothers storefront ‘Bubbles.’  The highlight of this storyline may just be her mom’s insistence on calling her husband ‘Mr. Chubs.’  Hopefully her mom’s heart doesn’t explode before she can sign over the store, literally.  It’s a ploy to get Allison alone and explain she can’t have the store.  Even though she eventually gives in with the hope Allison will eventually ditch Donnie, and just to spark another heart attack? Allison introduces her mom to Cosima, her clone.

But first, Cosima is still laying around with Shea, the online girlfriend.  Conveniently the ‘couple’ receive a surprise visit from Delphine.  Cosima’s numbers are low and it’s worrisome to everyone BUT Cosima. For her part she’s still trying to trick the system by using Allison’s samples.  Unluckily for her she’s forced to stand in for Allison’s campaign photo opportunities.  That and Allison accidentally gave the election committee the wrong envelope, and Donnie’s being held captive because the envelope of money is missing, and Allison has to tell Felix they’re drug dealers, and now the drug lords are coming to find Allison and Cosima has to give part of Allison’s speech until Allison can take over and share the virtues of ‘family.’  Orphan Black is not subtle.

Remember Rachel?  She’s still alive-ish and continues to be the only one who can decipher the super secret code written in The Island of Dr. Moreau.  Again, Orphan Black is not subtle, and with the amount of clones and Castors and cartels to keep track of, we’re thankful it’s not.

Clone of the week: Allison.  Because upon marriage she, or her mom, was ballsy enough to get her husband to take her name as his was, literally Donald Francis Chubs.  No shade, it’s a solid name.

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