Waywarder and Waywarder Goes Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines Photo: Fox)

Or perhaps it’s *exactly* on track. Because FOX.

My review of last week’s Wayward Pines (on Twitter):

“So Juliette Lewis got her throat cut on tonight’s Wayward Pines, BUT I DON’T THINK SHE’S REALLY DEAD, PEOPLE! (Also: spoilers.)”

(I am nothing if not considerate.)

My thoughts on this week’s Wayward Pines (here):

Okay, she’s probably dead. Maybe.

Reuniting Matt Dillon with his family just a third of the way into the series – albeit in the neverending mind-screw1 that is the titular town2 – could go either way in terms of story quality. It probably would have worn thin verrrry quickly to have his wife being the lone person outside the walls looking for the truth, so chances are this development will at least keep me from carping on about the boring storyline involving his wife, outside, looking for the truth.

Meanwhile I’m mildly intrigued by the wrinkle that has people experiencing time differently in Wayward Pines3 but ultimately it too easily slots into the <spooky voice> govvvernment sciiiience experriment </spookyvoice> catchall that this show is now threatening to become.

And on that note, the very closing moment (spoiler!) of last night’s episode suggests I was wrong and the wall is not a homage to Persons Unknown but rather a Jurassic Park tie-in

That would be preferable to a semi-likely alternative, namely that the eventual big reveal is of some hand wavy metaphor a la Lost or The Langoliers4 one idea being the prisoners of Wayward Pines are in a prison of their own creation just as much as one of someone else’s making. And that’s a perfectly fine ‘point’ to make or way to tie up a plot, but damn if it won’t just piss most of us off in the end.5 Because an ending like that needs characters worth following to justify the journey being the important part, and right now I don’t remember any of the characters names. I’m fairly sure they have names. Fairly sure.

More and more actors I like are showing up in Wayward Pines. Time to either match them to some interesting characters, or have the mysterrrrrrious sets start to combine into a Voltron-esque plot of well-machined cleverness.

  1. Please, Mooch, won’t you think of the children, said the little editor voice in my head who is not Mike as I typed the original version of that phrase. Not that Mike is a voice in my head. I think. Checking…………. no, we’re good.  
  2. Giggle.  
  3. For Carla Gugino, five weeks has seemed like years; for Lewis, 12 years seems like one. Notice how I have no idea about nor interest in their character names.  
  4. You were *not* expecting that reference, were you?! I keeps it fresh.  
  5. Fuck the children, apparently says a different voice.  

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