Clone Club Minutes: Orphan Black Needs A Hero

Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

This week on Orphan Black, we don’t need another hero.

This week on Orphan Black, we don’t need another hero, but we sure do get one. His name is Paul and as much as early Season One left us to believe he was in love with Beth Childs, this episode proved Sarah holds his heart. Unfortunately, so does Virginia Coady, who also holds a gun to his chest and isn’t afraid to use it. We haven’t seen or heard too much from Paul this season, so it’s surprising the Orphan Black writers gave him a dramatic send-off, complete with saving Sarah over himself and declaring his love for her over Beth.

Back in the city, Cosima spent the night with her internet paramour. Apparently Cosima’s been saying ‘Sarah’ in her sleep and her love interest is a little jealous. Cosima is able to assuage suspicions by explaining they’re like sisters, but come on, they ARE sisters. But before she can move forward with her new love, the past comes back and Delphine finds out Cosima has been testing Castor genetic sequences as well as her own clone compounds.

In more Clone Club news, it’s come toour attention that the unique protein that rendered Sarah’s sisters sterile is the same protein impeding the brains of the Castor clones. There’s something quite gendered in that genetic realization. Could it be that same protein causes hallucinations of Kira for Sarah and that creepy talking scorpion for Helena who has now official escaped the military compound. I would like to tell you we find out, but that would mean Helena didn’t eat the creepy scorpion in her hallucinations, but she did.

Clone of the Week: Allison, as she and Donnie spend their first screen time in over an episode, ahem, making it rain with drug money in their bedroom to a hip hop track.

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