Clone Club Minutes: Orphan Black is Back-er

Orphan Black (Photo: BBC America)
Orphan Black (Photo: BBC America)

At this week’s Clone Club Meeting, Orphan Black continues to nurture beyond nature.

Prior to this week’s episode of Orphan Black, I wanted to think I know exactly what’s happening for all of the Clone Club members, but the truth is tonight’s episode is one to relish in a somewhat uneventful catch-up of who’s good and bad and just plain crazy.

As you’ll recall, Hoodie Castor donned a suit jacket to break his brother out of Dyad captivity. Clearly the two Castors are kinkier clones than their female counterparts, as free from concrete and metal bars they’ve cornered a surprise participant for a threesome.

Cosima’s feeling optimistic about her health. Allison’s still not happy about the redistricting plans that may result in new schools for her kids or having to move. There’s also that issue of knowing where the bodies are buried, because it’s literally under her house. So our Alli’s got a plan that begins with buying out high school drug dealer Ramone’s business of selling pot and pills to the mothers in the PTA. For her part, Helena remains a prisoner of one of the third Castor bros and his militia brethren, undergoing testing until it’s revealed that she’s pregnant.

Sarah’s back to playing subtle sexy-time with Cal (who can also be seen in the new movie The Age of Adeline starring Blake Lively). Cal is a little too calm and understanding for my taste. If Kira is the key to saving Cosima and clone club control, why trust a man who’s keeps popping up with new places to stay and no strings. ¬†Even if he is her father. ¬†Sigh. still too many questions and holding our breath for answers.

Clone of the Week: The Original Genome. Everyone’s after it. Did the Duncans destroy it? …nah.

Honorable Mention: That scorpion haunting both Helena’s dreams and her reality. Is it a clone too?1

  1. It’s voiced by Tatiana, so…half credit? – Ed.  

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