5 Awesome Things About Scandal: Lady’s Night

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal, maybe it’s not always a man’s world…no, no, it is.

In case you missed it this week, or this season on Scandal, B613 is dangerous.  The moral of this season seems to be don’t mess with assassins. They’re dangerous. Obviously.  You also probably shouldn’t mess with the First Lady, she’s got an arsenal of favors stored away and when she uses them.  And haven’t you ever wondered what your grandparents did when they were younger?  Maybe your grandmother or grandfather was a Russian Killer Spy, and if so, awesome.

Jake’s dead?! Jake. Is. Dead. Dead. Dead…nope, false alarm, all the bullets and blood missed any major organs.  You know, like when an assassin wants to send a message that starts with ‘I could have killed you.’ And ends with ‘but I didn’t and don’t forget it.’ So, he COULD die.

When Sally Langston and her show, The Liberty Report, show up with ceremoniously southern draw and not a drop of humility. Are there ‘I Heart Sally Langston’ T-shirts?  I would love one.

‘Some people have bark, some people have bite, I have both.’  Yeah Liv, we thought your dad was all bark too, until he shot your ‘boy toy’ in the arm to spur him on to complete his mission.

The First Lady’s run for office is legal because of misogyny?’  Well, not exactly, but there’s no law, anywhere, preventing the spouse of a sitting present from being elected to the Senate.  That’s pretty interesting, ahem, awesome.

End the marriage to save the candidacy?  Apparently it’s the best political move to end the Grant marriage to get Mellie elected.  Apparently America thinks a First Lady can’t be a senator, so maybe she shouldn’t be a First Lady anymore?  Mellie calls them a team. Yet a breakup it would kinda let Fitz off the proverbial hook, wouldn’t it.

Papa Pope is behind EVERYTHING. Full Stop.

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