5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville: Luke’s Mullet

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Jade says she used to make out with this picture every night when she was a teen. This is how we know she’s full of crap.Luke gives Jade St. John a private tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame,1 where she asks him to do a duet on her crossover country album. Luke doesn’t commit, but does invite her to hobnob with him at that evening’s Note by Note fundraiser. Rayna is slated to perform at that very event with Deacon and the girls, though his nasty cough makes her worry. Juliette comes home from her unannounced L.A. trip to find the nanny gone and Avery’s mom, Sandra, holding baby Cadence. Though Avery is obviously mad at Jules for skipping town, she’s too busy getting ready for the fundraiser to care. Apparently, boss Rayna is gonna bid for the “command performance” auction item which allows one lucky attendee (i.e. Jules) to perform on stage. More like comeback performance!

After four blissful days in bed, Will is bummed when Kevin says he’s supposed to take another guy to the fundraiser.2 Now that Avery’s quit the Triple Xs to be Cadence’s one attentive parent,
Gunnar and Scarlett hold auditions for his replacement; he says she’s being too picky and she says maybe they oughta call the whole thing off. As all the attendees gather at the fundraiser (hosted by yet-to-be-arrested Mayor Teddy), Deacon receives a call saying there’s a liver donation en route to Nashville and he needs to get to the hospital ASAP. Rayna and Maddie accompany him. Scarlett gets the news about Uncle Deacon right after her car battery dies, so Gunnar drops her at the hospital.3 The transplant hits a snag when Deacon’s high temperature makes dreamy Doctor Caleb wonder if his body might reject the liver, thereby wasting a perfectly good donation. Scarlett asks her new boyfriend to pull some strings and get Deacon that liver anyway, which involves much desperate sobbing. First nail in the coffin of that romance!

Here are five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Luke’s mullet During Luke and Jade’s Hall of Fame tour, the pop diva claims to be a “country music geek”. Yet, her main interest is not seeing Kitty Wells’ guitar or Carl Perkins’ blue suede shoes. It’s witnessing THIS exhibit.

Nashville (Screen: ABC)
Nashville (Screen: ABC)

She later says she used to make out with her Luke Wheeler “Shotgun” poster every night when she was a teen. No surprise, this admission helps facilitate Luke and Jade’s eventual hookup. It is also our first clue that she is full of crap.

Someone finally notices that Daphne exists You might remember her as the “likable Conrad daughter”… when big sis/resident drama queen Maddie makes haste with Rayna and Deacon, Daphne is super bummed that she won’t get to perform at the fundraiser. Dad/event host Teddy steps into action, asking Luke to replace Rayna as MC for the evening. And then he asks a second favor. Commence adorable Luke and Daphne duet! Of course, the audience just eats her up. Yearning for more of this attention thing, Daphne asks Teddy if she can move into his place for a while. Aw, enjoy that daddy-daughter time, girl. Like, now. The feds are coming!

Jade vs. Juliette Jules is already pissed that she has to sit at the same table with Layla, which is just an extension of her being pissed that they’re on the same label. They have a catty ladies’ room exchange, in which Juliette hearkens back to Layla’s reality TV pedigree. That’s when Jade pops out of a stall and claims new BFF Layla4 is “the real deal.” Shots fired! The tension escalates during the command performance auction, when Jade outbids Juliette’s entourage on Layla’s behalf. Ouch! Layla puts on a great show.5 Afterward, Jade offers Layla the opening slot on her tour as Juliette storms past. Jade playfully asks her nemesis to admit that Layla’s $500K performance was “worth every penny.” Jules says, “You could’ve spent a million dollars tonight and it wouldn’t distract anyone from the fact that this is Nashville and you don’t belong here.” Cut to a shot of other fundraiser attendees gasping, but probably agreeing in secret.

Jade vs. Jeff Being Jade’s disgruntled ex-fiancee, Jeff isn’t pleased to see his client/sometimes girlfriend Layla getting chummy with the star. He forbids Layla from touring with her, which is absurd because he no longer has the power to forbid anyone anything. He tells Layla that Jade just uses people. Um, that’s a bit rich… YOU’RE TALKING TO THE WOMAN WHO OD’ED ON PILLS YOU GAVE HER AND NEARLY DROWNED IN YOUR SWIMMING POOL. This doesn’t change the fact that Jade does seem shady, but we can’t blame Layla for ignoring her manager’s advice. But apparently she finds Jeff’s concern for her just darling, because she makes out with his face at the end of the episode. I kinda love that this disgusting romance won’t die.

One step closer to the inevitable finale cliffhanger Turns out Deacon’s fever is no biggie. Just a sinus infection here, no reason to send away a perfectly good liver! Except — insert sad trombone — ’tis not a perfectly good liver. The donor had cancer, which means Deacon’s transplant is a no-go. The D-man handles the news with majestic grace, while Maddie whiny begs him to assure her he won’t die. But he can’t. Duh, this is why she needs to be the donor. Besides being his one untapped family resource, we might get a few weeks of Maddie away on bed rest. Win-win!

  1. “And museum!” adds Luke. Oh, show. Must you always pimp for the Tourism Board?  
  2. A totally obligatory date – Kevin surely digs Will and later agrees to be his exclusive boyfriend.  
  3. Then later brings her resuscitated vehicle to her – yeah, they’re totally gonna get back together.  
  4. Former pageant queens unite!  
  5. So great they didn’t even show it, but we trust there was plenty of Jules fuming.  

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