How Bad is the Lie Really on Younger?

Liza (Sutton Foster) and Josh (Nico Tortorella) go on a date on TV Land's Younger.
Younger (Photo: TV Land)

Younger is still delightful four episodes in, but how damaging is the central con really for those involved?

TV Land’s Younger continues to be a bubbly, refreshing comedy four episodes in to its first season. The stakes of the show haven’t really changed all that much since the premiere, which is good since the central premise is going to be difficult enough to maintain if there is too much plot week-to-week. However, this does have me wonder what is going to happen when Liza’s (Sutton Foster) little fib about her age gets exposed. It will have to happen at some point, though what are the consequences for when that happens?

Professional Fallout

Oddly, I do not see there being that much of an issue if Liza’s true age gets exposed at the publishing house. Yes, lying on your resume is fireable offense, but I get the sense she only fudged dates and not actual experience. There has been no indication that Liza wants to race up the ladder or steal her boss Diana Trout’s (Miriam Shor) office. If anything, Trout would probably be mildly annoyed rather than angry that her assistant should have been more capable than previously demonstrated. As we are talking about Trout, Younger has shown great restraint in not making the boss a caricature and even tried to make her somewhat sympathetic in a b-plot about online dating.

If Liza’s lie is revealed, there could be problems with Kelsey (Hillary Duff). In the most recent episode, Liza switches into mother mode after a night of (over)-celebration, resulting in Kelsey missing a morning meeting with her first acquired author. Kelsey accuses Liza of being a 50-year-old, which allows for a good split-second of thesis exploration as Liza reacts to this barb. I don’t think Kelsey would feel betrayed necessarily, but perhaps terrified that this scenario could be in her future if she doesn’t play her cards right.

Relationship Problems

Outside of the work world, the only other character wrapped up in Liza’s lie1 is Josh (Nico Tortorella). This fallout is tougher to gauge, as the two have progressed into the adult activities section of their relationship. Liza certainly hasn’t presented herself as a cougar and we don’t know enough about Josh to indicate that he wouldn’t be interested in someone older. On the contrary, he has shown that he’s into retro chic as we know he likes to listen to Squeeze on vinyl. Ultimately, the level of hurt will probably be proportional to the depth of their relationship–if it stays casual, the fallout may simply be a variation of “I’m 37, please don’t make me go to Brooklyn.” But if things get more serious, then there may be an issue.

It seems that the only person who will cause Liza to expose her secret will be Liza. Her previous life has pretty much been written out of the show. We see one encounter with Liza’s ex-husband, but he showed no interest in being part of her life anymore. And we haven’t seen or heard from Liza’s daughter in India since she made a homesick phone call a few episodes back.2 There have been some slip ups in Liza’s cover story here and there, but she does what spy shows tell us all to do: keep your cover story as close to the truth as possible.

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