Face Off Check-in: Steampunk’d

Face Off (Photo: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)

And creeeeeeepy dolls prior to that!

The final three have been selected, so now there’s nothing to do but wait for next week’s seemingly massive finale of Face Off‘s Season 8.

Screw that, we have creepy dolls and wild west cyborgs to discuss!

Last week gave the five remaining artists a chance to trump last season’s childhood-fears-meet-clowns challenge for pure spookiness. It didn’t quite pan out that way with two awesomely executed concepts1 and three very solid jobs that didn’t match the spirit of the challenge to varying degrees. This has been a minor theme on this season2 where clearly competent artists can’t or won’t find a concept that brings their talents to bear on that week’s prompt.

Such was not the case this week, with all four of those remaining finding interesting, on-point ways to showcase their skills in creating Western-themed steampunk cyborgs. A bar maid with a drink dispensing arm and a brass filigree’d half of a cranium, a blacksmith who replaced his heart with a forge and his jaw with steel – all four artists brought some real game to their designs, to particular touches, to sculpting and painting… There wasn’t a knockout winner like there have been in past weeks, but the strengths were so consist across the board you knew the judges weren’t just mouthing the ‘this is the toughest cut we’ve had to make’ platitude.

Ultimately it was Julian heading home and Logan, Darla, and Emily heading to the final – where they’ll have to create four creatures that can fit together in the same movie. After finally settling into solo challenges for the home stretch, Face Off has continually pushed the contestants for the last several weeks. Sometimes this results in utterly failed designs. A couple of times now it’s also needlessly amped someone’s emotional storyline which, as numerous people have said, is the part of the show we care about the least. Coming out of all of that, this season’s final trio doesn’t feel as uniformly strong as last year’s. That may be because one (Darla) hasn’t shown much personality,3 another (Emily) has been on an emotional roller coaster for several weeks now and I want to get off, and the third (Steve. No, Logan.) shows talent but had among the least experience of all 15 competitors.

It’s been a bumpy season for Face Off with the artistry sometimes getting lost behind the show’s machinations. The finale sounds awesome, and I look forward to what these three come up with – and only what they come up with. Cut the junk and give us the Face Off we all love.

  1. Emily’s rag doll, and Darla’s camera-ready porcelain nightmare.  
  2. Or maybe it’s just how they producers are cutting things  
  3. Although she lets her considerable talents do the talking for her most weeks.  

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