5 Awesome Things About Scandal: Honor Thy Father

Scandal (Photo: Nicole Wilder / ABC)
Scandal (Photo: Nicole Wilder / ABC)

This week on Scandal, Honor thy father, thy President and thy B613.

This week on Scandal, Olivia Pope is still sleeping with ‘Russell’ who she met at that bar that time. Unfortunately their most recent tryst is interrupted by an actual Scandal, maybe. A congressman’s father is on death row for allegedly killing a teacher whose ‘affections’ drove his 15 year old daughter to commit suicide years ago.

Over at the DOJ, Attorney General David Rosen is not the brightest bureaucratic bulb. Jake won’t give up B613 secrets because, you know, he could be killed, so David has enlisted Huck, Quinn, Charlie and a number of Jake’s cohorts to give up the goods in exchange for immunity. Awesome.

-The first shot of Jake listening in on David Rosen and his ‘troops’ talking about how to take him and B613 to task. Good luck with that guys.

-Mellie’s half sister, Harmony, joints the fray, complete with shocking red dress and stilettos.
Cyrus: You look, festive!
Harmony: How’s it going with that prostitute of yours you got mixed up with?
Cyrus: We got married, thanks for asking.

-The battle royale that ensues when Charlie returns to babysit the agents that worked with Jake only to find Jake’s already killed them, then almost kills him.

-Huck’s tracking Jake’s cell phone. ‘How sad were you when Radio Shack went under, don’t lie.’

-The four horsemen (and women) of the judicial apocalypse sit in silhouette before the the Washington Monument trying to figure out how they were all outsmarted by Jake Ballard. David Rosen, Quinn, Huck, Charlie: ‘Do me a favor, stay alive.’

Honorable Mention: Holly did it. Yes, Holly, David Rosen’s assistant was B613 and Papa Pope is BACK.

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