Survivor Worlds Apart Check-In: Mergin’ ‘Merica

Survivor (Photo: Robert Voets / CBS)
Survivor (Photo: Robert Voets / CBS)

Three tribes became two became one since our last Survivor check-in. How is the game going so far?

Since we last checked in with Survivor and its myriad collars, the tribes have gone through a fair amount of reorganization. How white collar! Ironically, when three tribes became two, the only tribe to experience an actual splitting up of its members was the White Collar group. As a result, they saw a loss in numbers in the next two tribal councils, with Max getting the boot over equally-annoying Shirin in one tribe, and Rodney’s new BFF Joaquin getting snuffed in a rather enjoyable blindside.

Last night’s episode dispensed with separate tribes altogether, merging the twelve remaining castaways. The first order of business: a new tribe name. Well, there are white and blue collars, and the no collars are red…red, white, and blue…according to Mike, that’s a representation of ‘Merica [sic]. The thing is, he says the name without irony. Frankly, I’m surprised it has taken 30 seasons for a tribe to choose this as its name. The tribe names have become less and less significant each season, but way to go with coming up with a name that really bugs, y’all.

The numbers situation is shaking out to be a rather interesting equation. Prior to last night’s episode, the split was 5 Blues, 4 Nos, and 3 Whites. The blues are a unified front, but we soon learned of divisions within the other groups. Will has left the safety of the Nos to become low-man for the Blues, while the Whites have become free agents. Shirin is more closely aligned with the Nos, but Tyler and Carolyn still seem malleable. They voted with the Blues last night, but Tyler especially seems open to better offers. Carolyn also has security thanks to her hidden immunity idol.

Speaking of, Jenn’s idol came in handy in preventing her own ouster last night. She and Hali figured out before Tribal that they could easily be targets. It turns out Jenn was the target and she was able to get Kelly out of the game instead. So here’s how the tribe alignments seem to look now:

  • True Blues: Dan, Mike, Rodney, Sierra
  • Blue-aligned: Will1
  • No Collar Left Behind: Joe, Jenn, Hali
  • No Collar-aligned: Shirin
  • Who knows: Carolyn, Tyler

In the next episode, Rodney and others seem ready to get rid of Mike, which wouldn’t be the dumbest move. So far all of his actions have backfired, including eating a scorpion and getting sick, struggling to throw a challenge to someone who had a head injury, and the whole Merica thing rubbed a couple people the wrong way.

  1. Popped-collar?  

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