5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville: Reacon Havoc

Nashville (Scrreen: ABC)

Rayna and Deacon are obviously meant to be, but first there needs to be one more annoying obstacle.Deacon has just told Rayna about his cancer. She apologizes for slapping him and they hug/cry about it. Avery, Scarlett and Gunnar’s new band, The Triple Xs, hit the road to Chicago with Rascal Flatts. Avery obsessively calls 37 weeks pregnant Juliette. Gunnar quietly pines for Scarlett, while she contemplates performing on the very stage where she went cuckoo under a piano. Mayor Teddy asks a private investigator to see if the FBI is surveilling his prostitute friend, Natasha. Secretly gay cowboy Will continues working with openly gay songwriter Kevin, despite mounting tension between them. Rayna’s eager to explore Deacon’s medical options. When he assures her he can only wait for a donor, she vows to wait by his side. That’s when he says they can’t be together. Wait, WHAT?

Sadie runs into Luke at a recording studio. They chat awkwardly about her Good Morning America1 interview (in which she revealed that ex-husband, Pete, abused her) and his break-up with Rayna. Skeevy manager (slash boyfriend?) Jeff calls Layla to a last-minute lunch meeting with his sexy blogger “friend” Adele. After recording one song, Kevin refuses to work with Will, citing the latter’s obvious discomfort with him. Internet trolls tweet mean jokes about Scarlett’s mental health to the Triple Xs twitter account; unfortunately, she replies to them.2 Layla storms off when Jeff and Adele’s flirty banter gets under her skin. Teddy informs Natasha that the feds are, indeed, spying on her business. She asks him to pull some strings and when he claims he can’t3, she demands $200K so she can “disappear” or she’ll tell the cops everything.4 Sadie stumbles in on Luke recording a beautiful love song and suggests he add a second voice. They practice singing together, though she politely refuses his offer to record. But then they go out for coffee, so we all know where this is going.

Here are five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Reacon Havoc There’s a whole lotta existential angst up at Deacon’s lake house of lost dreams. He says he can’t be with Rayna because he can’t bear to see the pity in her eyes. She says it’s pain. He says he’s getting what he deserves and there’s no hope for him, which is fine, because nothing matters anyway. She gets angry and smashes his guitar. Punk rock! Clearly bummed about his “meaningless” guitar, Deacon tries a new tack – Maddie. He and Rayna joining as #Reacon will make their daughter’s dreams come true, but what if he dies shortly after? Doesn’t that make the inevitable heartache worse? This stumps Rayna at first. But then she counters that Maddie and Daphne could only benefit from their model of true love, even if nothing lasts forever. That’s when Deacon FINALLY kisses her and they have sex. Geez Louise, thank goodness she’s way smarter than him! I thought this impasse was gonna last forever.

Layla gets wise After Layla’s outburst, Jeff admits he and Adele slept together in the past, but just to “satisfy each other’s urges.” He adds that this is the only kind of relationship he can handle, so Layla bolts. Later, ex-husband Will drops by her place to get some songwriting advice. He wants to pen a love song about… their beard marriage. Layla asks if he’s ever been in love. He hasn’t, so she says he shouldn’t write about it. Then Jeff drops by that night and confesses he’s no good at intimacy, but wants to try. They sleep together but then Layla realizes she can’t change this loser any more than she could change Will, so she dumps him. Damn. If that ain’t being a woman in her 20s, I don’t know what is.

Teddy gets desperate Following Natasha’s ultimatum, Mr. Mayor tries ensnaring fellow “customer” Jeff, who just laughs in his face and says, “You can only blackmail someone with something to lose.”5 So Teddy approaches the city’s financial manager about setting up a half million dollar discretionary fund for some silly park project RIGHT NOW. Dude knows he’s up to something shady and tells him to go to hell. So Teddy asks the PI to dig up dirt on the financial manager. Between these clumsy maneuvers and that crazy look in his eyes, I feel like Teddy’s channeling his dead nutjob wife Peggy. Love it!

Scarlett gets some In our latest love triangle, Gunnar offers Scarlett the emotional support she needs to not break down on stage. Meanwhile, dreamy Doctor Caleb is sending flowers to her hotel room, surprise-visiting her backstage and offering a no-pressure invite to his fancy hotel room. Avery suggests Gunnar move fast if he wants to reunite with Blondie. Too late. By the time he knocks on her door, she’s already headed for the Four Seasons. Excellent choice, Scarlett! I’m rooting against Gunnar. Remember what a crappy boyfriend he was to Zoey?

Sadie gets free After their seemingly harmless coffee outing, Luke offers to walk Sadie to her car. Wishing to avoid romantic entanglement with her boss/friend’s ex-fiancee, she declines… Well, when the “previouslies” flash back to the time she bought a gun to defend herself from Pete, you know what’s coming. Sure enough, her enraged ex is waiting for her in the parking garage. She pulls the gun from her purse, he attacks, they struggle, there’s a gunshot, and suddenly Pete’s a bleeding pile of garbage on the ground. That’s when Luke pulls up in his SUV to find his new love interest with trembling, bloodied hands. Well, that’s one way to break the sexual tension!

  1. I have never watched as much actual GMA in my life as I have via Nashville  
  2. Bonus points to the writers for describing one troll’s avi as a dog with a bowtie – very accurate. Sadly, it isn’t realistic woman-trolling without a slew of rape/death threats, but we’ll forgive that inaccuracy!  
  3. Horse pucky  
  4. Go girl!  
  5. This is the exact moment I decided that I like Jeff better than Teddy.  

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