5 Awesome Things About Scandal: You Had One Job

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal; a gay, republican, White House wedding?

This week on Scandal, wedding bells are ringing for Cyrus and his former sleezy boy toy, Michael. It seems the younger man’s past, or present sexcapades, are catching up with the couple via his night out with another man, if Cyrus can’t kick damage control into gear. Meanwhile, David Rosen is still on war path against B613. Because a decades-old covert agency of uber-assassins should be easy enough for an accidental Attorney General to take down. Sorry, AG Rosen, I don’t think you’re THAT awesome.

-This episode is directed by none other than Regina King, that’s right, star of Southland, 227, Boyz n’ the Hood and, newly airing after Scandal, American Crime.

-The gay bar where Michael picked up his paramour, against his agreement with Cyrus and co., is called ‘Gentleman John’s.’┬áDid I hear that right?

-The Sally Langston Show, or ‘The Liberty Report.’ Former Bible Thumping Vice President Sally Langston comes out (see what I did there?) of the woodwork like she’s ready to sink Cyrus’s whole fake (relation)ship. Hey girl! Where have YOU been?

-That panic stricken face Olivia makes when she can’t find Fitz’s grandmother’s ring that he apparently gave her so she wore it he would know they were still possible. Sigh, the ring is literally engraved with ‘Sweet Baby‘ in French. The ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ in me says at least she’s not actually wearing it anymore.

-When the ‘mic dropped.’ Olivia Pope in that white suit. It’s handled.

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