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I see what I did there.

Despite its ups and downs, especially in seasons four and five, I wasn’t happy to see Community go off the air. When it hit, which it did often, the writing was stellar, legitimately laugh-out-loud stuff. It was brazenly willing to try concepts, and the cast committed to them so well that they almost always worked, even if they didn’t always make you laugh. The season of nothing but genre parodies kept me in slack-jawed wonder, and I still say the first two thirds of the conspiracy theory episode are in the running for most brilliant episode of television ever.

So I was definitely up for season 6, now on Yahoo TV, but not rushing to see it.1 I was ready to be entertained when I sat down to watch the first two episodes this evening, but also cognisant that the show’s best years are almost certainly behind it – smaller budget, cast shuffles, and the inevitable moving on that had to come with the plotlines over six years. There’s some convoluted metaphor here involving nostalgia and change and reunions or visiting your school after graduation, but my fourth New Year’s resolution was no more convoluted metaphors.

Suffice to say, what I found was a good, solid meal of well-prepared comfort food. Familiar characters are doing what they’ve been doing oh so well for nearly 100 episodes.2 The writing remains sharp, if not as packed in as in episodes past. The bumpers over the end credits are still there and still great.3 And the new cast additions – Paget Brewster and Keith David are now in the mix as regulars – are such good fits. Brewster has long been a fav of mine since her days on Harvey Birdman and here she’s pitch perfect as the straight woman trying to bring a dose of reality to the surrealness of Greendale.

So if you liked Community in the past, there’s no reason not to tune in now. We may never get a movie – or if we do, it might not be that great – but there’s plenty to enjoy out of six seasons.

New episodes of season 6 of Community are released every Tuesday on Yahoo TV.

Elsewhere on Yahoo TV,4 they apparently made a dramedy5 about a tech billionaire buying a terrible pro basketball expansion team in Vegas and called it Sin City Saints. This thing looks like it’s going to be a train wreck of good ideas and talent never quite pulled together because not enough money went into the writing and not enough time went into planning the writing, but it also looks to have significant involvement from Malin Ackerman. So I will be watching it. Even though her hairstyle makes her face look like it’s being stretched horizontally.


  1. This is a topic for another post, but we’ve maybe passed the crest of urgency with regard to streaming series. Knowing they’ll be around for a while means you can binge or ration whenever you’re fully in the mood.  
  2. Yes, the streaming season puts the show that would never make it into syndication territory.  
  3. Man this team knows how to parody things.  
  4. Read: in the auto-playing queue of clips I didn’t turn off while washing dishes. It’s the best way to find out about what’s hot and hip with the kidlings.  
  5. Maybe?  

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