5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville – Rayna and Deacon at the Opry

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

At the last minute, Rayna asks Deacon to perform with her on stage at the Opry and OMG IT IS SO MAGICAL.The tenth anniversary celebration of Rayna’s Grand Ole Opry induction is the event of the week, and Maddie can’t understand why Deacon wouldn’t want to be there. Secretly gay cowboy Will learns Luke fired Jeff, then becomes paranoid when his new boss pairs him with openly gay songwriter Kevin Bix. Gunnar, Scarlett and Avery’s yet-to-be-named band is asked to open for Rascall Flatts. Mayor Teddy pretends he’s leaving the girls with Rayna so they can spend more time with their mom (not because Rayna is forcing her corrupt ex to relinquish custody). On their first date, Scarlett quizzes dreamy Doctor Caleb about cancer treatments for Deacon. Skeevy Jeff grooms Layla for her first meeting with Bucky and insists they keep their professional/personal relationship secret. Rayna invites Maddie and Daphne to perform with her at the Opry, which is the coolest mom move ever. Still, Maddie throws a fit when her mother is ambivalent about inviting Deacon. So Rayna invites him, and then he gets all weird and ambivalent.

Maddie invites her would-be stepbrother/ maybe boyfriend Colt to the Opry performance. Colt asks Luke to take him to it even though he knows it’ll be “super awkward” for his heartsick dad. Bucky wants Layla to take a seat while Highway 65 focuses on Sadie’s album, so Jeff sneaks one of her singles on iTunes. The night before Sadie’s Good Morning America appearance, she learns that Robin Roberts wants to ask about the lawsuit settlement with Pete. Will’s icy coldness toward Kevin throws a wrench in their songwriting session.

At the Opry, Rayna has an awkward run-in with Luke and Colt just as Deacon arrives. Bucky learns about Layla’s hot new single from a journalist. Natasha the prostitute corners former client Teddy — just as Maddie and Daphne are taking the stage — and warns him her home has been under surveillance. Better enjoy your Opry debut, girls! Looks like everything’s about to turn super horrible.

Here are five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Scarlett throws a tantrum Blondie’s date with Dr. Caleb is a total disaster. He shakes her hand at the end and suggests she save the counseling for his office hours. Oof! She goes home and starts slamming stuff around the kitchen. Perennial grump Deacon wonders why she’s so crabby1 and she says “you and your stupid cancer” are to blame for her bad night. Ooh, dang! But it actually makes sense, because she’s sworn to secrecy and he won’t talk to her about it so now his disease is getting in the way of her sexing the good doctor. Also, a healthy dose of rage just makes Scarlett more likable. MORE RAGE! MORE RAGE! MORE RAGE!

Juliette’s LOL Moment of the Week Though we never saw Juliette this week,2 her nagging late-pregnancy insomnia has made it impossible for Avery to get any rest. When Gunnar drops by the house to bug Avery about band names, the sleepy father-to-be angrily shushes him — “I just got Juliette to sleep!” — and promptly escorts him out the back door. This is good training for new parent misery. But it looks like Avery’s about to be saddled with two crying babies : (

Birth of a band name Scarlett apologizes to Caleb and asks for a second chance. She invites him to come see her perform with her two ex-boyfriends. Seriously, she puts that weirdness right out there! Later, Avery and Gunnar are frantically brainstorming some terrible band names backstage at the arena when Scarlett walks in with her date. “So you’re the exes?” Caleb asks. LIGHT BULB! That’s when the Triple Exes are born. Or is it the XXXes? This is potentially very confusing.

EZD returns! Remember when Layla first came around and she was like every awful thing about Juliette but with zero redeeming qualities? But she made some bad music, married a closeted gay guy, became a reality show joke, failed at suicide, and just turned super pathetic. Now she’s hitched herself to Jeff and awesome news, everybody – Evil Zooey Deschanel is back! You see it just for a second, after she gets the nerve to tell angry Bucky that he’s planning her career all wrong. Bucky actually agrees and decides to change course. She calls Jeff and sneers, “He even apologized!” Then she informs her sorta-boyfriend that she’s going out to celebrate but he isn’t invited because they shouldn’t be seen together. Jeff just shakes his head and chuckles, as if to say, “That’s my little sociopath!” I’m starting to love this demented pair.

The slap At the last minute, Rayna asks Deacon to perform with her on stage at the Opry and OMG IT IS SO MAGICAL. Then Deacon ruins everything by immediately bolting. Rayna later finds him at his cabin of lost dreams and pleads with him to never leave her again. This should have been the segue into them finally doing it, except that’s when Deacon tells her he has cancer. Now that’s some pretty bad news, but then he makes it so. Much. Worse. “All those times you said my drinking was gonna kill me, you were right. I’ve got six months on the transplant list and if they don’t find a donor-” That’s when she slaps him. BUT HE SAID YOU WERE RIGHT, RAYNA, WHY AREN’T YOU SATISFIED?

  2. Obvi, we are at the point where Hayden Panettiere’s real life maternity leave is in effect.  

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