Mozart in the Jungle: Rodrigo’s $80K “Rehearsal”

Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:

Like Oboist Betty, Union Bob does not accept pizza and weed as payment — only cold hard cash will do.

So far in his tenure with the orchestra, Rodrigo’s spontaneity and passion have been a breath of fresh air for musicians and donors alike, but we’re starting to see the darker side of him. In this episode, the Maestro takes risks in the name of artistry that further endanger the orchestra’s already-tight finances and his own immigration status.

What Are You, Some Kind of Masochist?

Hailey wants to take lessons from Betty, who quotes $400/hour. Teaching 12 year olds isn’t going to bring in that kind of cash on the regular, but Hailey’s student pays her for a month of lessons using with a rare stamp worth $500. Eventually Betty gives in, offering Hailey a slot at 6:30am on Saturday morning, which she accepts without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Alex tracks downs Hailey to find out why she’s avoiding him; she confesses to being upset by his sleeping in Addison’s bed. He apologies and explains he fell asleep watching TV, then invites her to accompany him to Florida for a modelling gig he scored. She turns him down on account of her lesson; he is chill about it, but seems not to believe her.

This Is Gonna Warp My Wood

On a whim, Rodrigo schedules rehearsal to take place in an empty lot between two buildings — he wants to orchestra to “return to the basics.” Surrounded by graffiti and a heckling resident or two, they play the 1812 Overture, drawing a small but enthusiastic crowd. The “rehearsal” then turns into an impromptu block party, with pizza, a freestyle jam session, and some of the musicians smoking weed in the back — until the popo show up, shut it down, and arrest Rodrigo after things get a little tense.

Overgrown Babies, Aren’t They?

As the Maestro mercurially refuses to engage with the Orchestra’s new marketing schemes, Gloria tries to schmooze Cynthia into helping keep Rodrigo in line (or, at least, into helping keep an eye on him). In return, she’ll work to address the concerns of the musicians’ union, which Cynthia now leads. The board’s business advisor is concerned about Rodrigo’s behavior, and threatens to bring back the previous Maestro if Rodrigo doesn’t start cooperating. After his “rehearsal” stunt leaves Gloria holding an invoice from Union Bob for $80,000 plus overtime and a performance bonus, she has a heart to heart with Rodrigo, explaining just how dire the orchestra’s financial straits are, and that his arrest could put his work visa in jeopardy. He says he understands … but will he be more responsible in the future, or will his continued scheming make things worse for everyone?

Memorable Moments

Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
I just want to point out how awesome this entire outfit is.
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
“I’ve got real big kneecaps, I might as well use ’em.”
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
“Classical music has been losing money for people for 500 years. It’s not a business.”
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:
“You do realize, this was not a rehearsal?”
Mozart in the Jungle (Screen:

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    Why is there scheming in this show? What possible endgame could Rodrigo have? I’ve watched none of it but eagerly await your reports, such that I do not have to watch any of it.

    • Hmmm, good question. Perhaps “scheming” implies too much malicious intent. Rodrigo often gets this look in his eye, like when a small child knows they are about to do something wrong, and then goes and does it anyway. It’s not about the endgame, it’s about causing chaos — which is why he and his wife are perfect for each other, I think.

  • Tromba I

    DeeDee’s line while crawling through the gate is “I’ve got METAL knee caps…”, not “Real Big…”

    • Oh, lol — sorry, I was doing the captions from memory and forgot to go back and check that one. Thanks for the clarification!