State of State of Affairs: Deadcheck-in

State of Affairs on NBC
Yeah. I feel you, Omar. (Photo: NBC Universal)

I missed last week’s State of Affairs. Well, I wouldn’t say I *missed* it, Bob.

I’m not even going to bother with this season (series?) finale. This was/is some Tom Clancy-lite bulls*** that made for decent background watching and wasted every (occasionally) decent performance.

This Week’s AwesomeFactor: The last four seconds of the episode, replete as they were with desperate for renewal cliffhanger-dom, were intriguing enough.

Although, no, wait a damn second – WHY THE HELL DID POTUS AUTHORIZE THAT AIRSTRIKE? She forgot Charlie existed, didn’t she? Insert joke about the ratings here.

Level o’ Ridiculousness Meter: Nah, don’t cover up every bit of your straw blond hair when sitting in a market in Afghanistan. Especially if you then hold your friggin’ finger to your ear to talk into your amazing intercontinental communications device just like they tell you to never do in every spy movie ever.

Yes, all the italics were intentional. And necessary.

Secretly Bananas Meter: I can’t even. Anything nicely bananas here was like the squeaky plastic one Ichabod comically demonstrated the other week on Sleepy Hollow: empty, looks okay until you get close, and various other cliches that make this metaphor work.

I don’t care enough here to be mad. I am definitely disappointed. Nothing pithier than that for you, go watch Grimm or Fringe or The West Wing.

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