Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Kali Yuga’

M: They track Hawley to where Carmilla is preparing the ceremony, having knocked him out with champagne. We’ll return to the why in a sec. Outside, Abbie and Ichabod put pieces together involving Kali. Abbie knows these things because “Thank you, yoga class.” Ichabod: “I’m still not going back!”

T: Hee. Good for Ichabod.

M: Now, I don’t know if they say this clearly, but it seems the case – either Carmilla can’t turn herself back into a human, or she doesn’t want to. She’s going to turn Hawley into whatever she is, too.

T: Oh no oh no no no save Hawley! She wants to be with him forever, I take it? This woman, I recall, is not his mother.

M: You recall correctly. She tests the statue successfully on someone else, then basically straddles Hawley and purrs “You’re going to love death, Nicky!”

T: Who does she test it on?? That’s cruel!

M: Some minion or something. Short version: Hawley gets saved, Carmilla gets away; so we may see her again, which wouldn’t be terrible.

T: OHMYGOSH she’s going to get Reyes. And Irving. Or is SHE going to be our big evil?

M: I hope not – the character is solid and she’s a formidable opponent, but I barely stayed awake during most of this episode, figuratively speaking.

T: They need some serious something with Reyes.

M: It’s true – she’s more of a possibility than anything right now. Episode buttons: Karaoke comes back around as Abbie gets Ichabod to duet with her on “Proud Mary”.

T: !!!! Okay that WINS.

M: It was a nice scene – and a good duet. Other button: the B-plot.

T: Yes?

M: Lady Irving has convinced Cap’n Backfromthedead that Katrina can help them know whether he’s really back or still in Henry’s thrall. Spell ceremony, Katrina is nearly accusatory all ‘Where’s Henry? The fact you’re back tells me my son is alive.’ Which… whatever.

T: … I really think Katrina peaked in 1775 and has been living on old stories ever since.

M: If only there was a travelling carnival where she could make a few bucks with her crystal ball! She scans Irving magically or whathaveyou and determines that Henry has no more influence on his soul. All good, right?

T: Mmmmmmm fishy. Veeeeery fishy.

M: Not good at all! Katrina leaves (btw – she better be washing that corset daily because its the only thing she wears any more) and Irving and Lady Irving hug in relief.

T: Ewwwww.1

M: Camera pans around so that we can see….. something in the window. Or, more accurately, not something. Guesssss?

T: …we see a ghostly handprint, fading away, as the sound of hoofbeats fade into the distance….

M: No – but I did forget to mention that Jenny calls Abraham ‘Headless’ at one point.

T: WE SEE ABRAHAM”S CURLS I miss them. Okay: what do we see but not see? One of Katrina’s spells, quietly crumbling into itself and disappearing…

M: Irving….



T: Gills!

M: Haw.

T: Horns! A tail! NO SHADOW.

M: Close. In the window, we see that Irving has no…

T: Reflection????!

M: Si!

T: That lying hussy! Though, am I surprised? Nope. Nopety nope nope nope.

M: Actually, I wonder if it’s a technicality – Henry has no control over his soul, because Irving has no soul. But you’d think she would have noticed that and said something.

T: Basically we’re going to find out that in addition to being a dragon, Henry spelled her so she can never actually say anything bad about Henry or his minions, including “GAH you have no reflection! My son still has a hold on you! Run, run far away and never contact your family again!”

::deep breath for affect::

::corset pops::

::she slumps to the ground, her lungs incapable of handling that much oxygen::

M: (an underrated cereal). Snerk to the slumping.

T: HAHAHAH very very good, sir!

M: Questions?

T: I want William Goldman to intervene and write a season of just good parts. Question: when did Ichabod learn the lyrics to ‘Proud Mary’?

M: It’s karaoke… they are on the screen?

T: Hush. Melody then, fine. Or did he Rex Harrison his way through it?

M: I suspect it’s a ‘hum a few bars and I’ll fake it’ thing. Don’t question the nice moment!

T: I am very pleased with it, I am I am. Ugh. But seriously. So we have an escaped demon lieutenant out there; Hawley, stuck between the Mills; and no Reyes. And no Henry. And no Abraham! This has the hallmarks of a seriously C episode, and I didn’t even watch it. Agree?

M: On paper, yeah, but I’d put it more of a B. It didn’t really do anything wrong. Things moved well. Good coverage of the main characters.

T: Plus backstory!

M: Maybe a B-

  1. Presumably this was about the corset. – Ed.  

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