Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Kali Yuga’

M: Where are we… archives, Hawley, ah: Jenny is demanding answers down in the tunnels, and Hawley gets one of his two really well delivered lines tonight.

T: YAY tell!

M: “Back off Mills – she’s desperate, she’s dangerous.” Then: runrunrun.

T: Oooooh. You know, if this ends up a Hawley-Jenny-Irving love triangle thing, I am going to be very disappointed.

M: I don’t think so, at least based on the B-plot. Anyhoo, Carmilla proves Hawley’s warning true when she comes out of nowhere to knock down a pursuing Jenny, is about to kill her, gets nailed with a crossbow bolt from Ichabod, shows her full monster look, then disappears in a zip of shadows.

T: Uh. Whoa. That was a lot o’ action. And hey! Ichabod’s got a working crossbow!1

M: I think it was Hawley’s and he dropped it while escaping, actually.

T: Niiiice.

M: Meanwhile… in court! The B-plot!

T: Finally!

M: Irving is in front of a judge. Guess who his lawyer is?


M: It’s Jenny, wearing glasses as a disguise, and running her hand up and down his leg under the table. I will pause for you to stop choking on a chocolate.

T: E W that’s a lie!

M: It is a lie! He’s being represented by his wife.

T: !!! Interesting…

M: ‘The best defense attorney I know’ he says. Or maybe toughest. Point is – he gets off.

T: ::chokes::

M: 😀

T: So. No bail, no “don’t leave the state”?

M: Nope – the state has opted not to pursue any charges so the judge exonerates him, completely.

T: …. wow. I was going to ask how Reyes handles that, but she’s not around, so…

M: She seemed noncommittal at the end of last episode. You know, because the writers have no idea what they’re doing with any of the secondary characters. Good thing it’s an episode focused on a secondary character, eh? Back in the archives, we have our Grimm moment. Something about the description of the monster they’ve been able to piece together from Jenny and some tests on her blood, etc. makes Ichabod go aha! and triumphantly produce a book with a sketch of the exact monster and explanations of its lineage etc etc.

T: …. naturally. (Where’d they get her blood again? I thought she disappeared into the shadows with a zzzzzip.)

M: (Crossbow hit her.) Someone wonders how Hawley got involved with such a creature.

T: Hopefully many someones.

M: Jenny deadpans “He went in for a succubus, remember? Guy gets around.”

T: HAHAH yes go Jenny!! I like this Jenny!

M: The team splits up – the Mills go check out the fence who sent Hawley the text, Ichabod will convene with Katrina to clean up the archives and figure out what Hawley stole.

T: Oh goody. Katrina time.

M: The monsters, btw, is basically a demon lieutenant to Kali.

T: So not Western mythos… how did this demon lietenant get to Sleepy Hollow?

M: In Carmilla. Let’s jump ahead as it’s relevant – Carmilla was searching for Hawley years ago.

T: Innnteresting.

M: She tracked him to Mumbai, and got snagged by a Kali death cult and turned into one of these things.

T: As you do. Again, a falling out, and this Carmilla lady wont let him go. Weird. No wonder Hawley thinks the Mills will fall over themselves for him.

M: It is what happens… The job Carmilla wants help with is stealing a particular artifact from a collector of occult artifacts, supposedly something that could give her back her humanity.

T: Because that never goes wrong.

M: Lesse… nothing of import from the fence scene except Jenny is clearly protective of Hawley. For some reason, Ichabod is relating Mary Poppins to Katrina…

T: ….


I have nothing.

M: Me neither. He finds Orion’s sigil and puts 2 and 3 together, but the Mills return so he puts it in a drawer and relates what they’ve found: Hawley took architectural drawings for Theodore Knox’s house.

T: Oh goody – Hawley’s gonna show us how it’s done!

M: How what’s done?

T: A well-executed break in? Oh, who am I kidding?

M: Actually… yes.

T: Seriously??

M: Knox (an actual Revolutionary War general for whom Fort Knox is named) loved puzzles and locks.

T: Apparently, everybody in the past liked puzzles…

M: Well, there was no television; you had to do something with your time. Knox turned his whole house into a safe – the vault (now full of occult artifacts) is controlled by secret levers in a distant room. It’s rather National Treasure-ish.

T: Oh fun! (No Nic Cage, so YAY.)

  1. Presumably this was said with an eyebrow wriggle. – Ed.  

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