Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Kali Yuga’

M: This all quickly leads to Jenny bringing up the character runner: Abbie and Ichabod have been spending less time together. Ichabod thinks things are fine, in the past, nothing to see here citizens.

T: Uh-huh, oh he who only like two episodes ago was wailing for supernatural stuffs to be happening. This is because he and Katrina are mooning all over each other again, isn’t it? Trouble in – dare I say it? – paradise?

M: Go away. It’s for actual reasons, if only vaguely presented.

T: Reyes is making Abbie do real work?

M: Har. There’s no crime in Sleepy Hollow that’s not supernatural in origin, remember?

T: I’m sorry. WHY is there a Reyes, again?!

M: Well there wasn’t this week!

T: Sigh. What was I thinking.

M: There are unresolved, maybe undiscussed tensions between our Witnesses – Abbie not rejecting Orion, Ichabod backing Katrina on Abraham, etc.

T: Got it.

M: And we’re ready for the A-plot to be introduced.

T: So they go to karaoke. That seems reasonable…

M: It’s not big, tearing them apart tensions. More a certain unease that has infected their otherwise stalwart trust.

T: Uh-huh.

M: I could totally write Ichabod’s lines. So: the A-plot. Hawley gets a text.

T: Not from a Mills! Surprise!

M: Since they are both there with him? No. It’s a lead from a fence on some antique ninja gear. Jenny and he banter about the likelihood of it being legit.

T: So he’s bantering with Jenny now.

M: And she seems genuinely surprised/disappointed when he says it’ll be quick so there’s no reason for her to come along. Hawley goes to the meet, in his red Mustang. Unsurprisingly, the fence is not there. Who is surprisingly there instead?

T: Do we FINALLY get Henry back??!

M: Can you imagine how convoluted things could be if Hawley was in on that storyline as well?

T: Right; too ambitious for this writer’s room.

M: Occam’s razor – who is likely to show up to kick off an important character backstory episode for a character that doesn’t have much backstory?

T: Someone from the backstory! And, since at some point this was the parents’ season, let’s go with… Hawley’s mother! (ghostly or live, it doesn’t really matter.)

M: Basically yes! It’s the previously never before seen or mentioned woman who raised him, and who taught him all his thieving ways!

T: Okay, we’ve got Hawley’s mama posing as a ninja-something something. Why?

M: That was just a ruse of course to get Hawley to the meet. She wants him to help her steal an artifact. (Oh, have you watched Warehouse 13?)

T: (I have!) Oh, of course. Question: is there a reason Hawley’s doing his own treasure hunting and not working with the Mam? Was there a… Gasp!… falling out as part of the backstory? And does she have amber waves of grain for hair?

M: You were so good at this right up to that last sentence.

T: Well, I’m wondering if Hawley’s hair comes from his dad’s side of the family.

M: She’s not actually his mother – raised him from age 10 or so I think? The backstory is very very muddled.

T: Imagine that.

M: It’s not helped by the delivery of either Hawley or Carmilla, which is her name. No one on this show speaks intelligibly, aside from Ichabod.

T: They need enunciation classes. Like in Singing in the Rain.

M: ‘Tis true ‘anya ‘delott. The Warehouse 13 thing, by the way – Hawley (and originally Jenny) is basically shades of that show, making it ridiculous that they have the actress who plays H.G. Wells play Carmilla.

T: WHAT? AHAHAHAHA oh man oh man that’s so comedic-tragic. Laughable. That’s my word.

M: We get this W13 crossover, and later on this episode Sleepy Hollow becomes Grimm for a moment. Urm…. checking my notes….

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