State of State of Affairs: Matthew Freakin’ Lillard!

Katherine Heigl on NBC's State of Affairs
State of Affairs (Photo: NBC)

And also other things. Including James Remar!

This week: The CIA1 tracks down the bombs the captured American cell was going to use, Nick has to keep shooting people – but now in Panama – in order to get to the guy who can give him the guy, and Big Bird2 susses out the real reason he was hired by Clearly-Evil Adam Arkin.

Also this week: We find out the First Hubby and the now-dead Senator had a dalliance a decade ago, and POTUS’ gawd-awful readings of gawd-awful dialog extend into the blandest handwritten thank you, ever.

Jeebus, the more I think about what’s happened this season the more I love the story and roll my eyes at the execution. State of Affairs would be better right now if it were a Tom Clancy book. Except he couldn’t write female protagonists, and I kinda like Charlie.3

::Spoiler warning. Do not read the next paragraph if you’re planning on watching the episode.::


I’m on the fence about the professor being revealed as actually secretly really a bad guy. Part of me thinks it would have been way more interesting to find a different, less typical, vector for the American cell. On the other hand, WTF is happening at any given moment on State of Affairs so why not?

This Week’s AwesomeFactor: James Remar is always the AwesomeFactor. And, sadly, I was actually drawn in by the ‘who is under the mask?!’ reveal. I used to be so cynical about my TV cliches.

Level of Ridiculousness Meter: Senator gets killed by a still-active terrorist cell composed mostly of young people. Secret Service lets POTUS give speech at what looks like a community college. Also doesn’t frisk people well enough to find what looked like a 1L glass bottle. Bottle gets flung at POTUS, shattering everywhere. Secret Service mosey on over to remove POTUS from the scenario.

Secretly Bananas Meter: Matthew Lillard plays a career CIA guy who’s now the take-no-prisoners, kick a U.S. Senator out the door of Langley acting director. Career. That means they’ve been hiding him someplace this entire series. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN BY SECRETLY BANANAS AND BOY DO I LOVE IT.

  1. You remember – the organization with no domestic charter.  
  2. I know it’s cheap, but I was going to say TallGuy and then realized that, despite his strong acting, the dude looks like a bird.  
  3. Mo has started to reveal that she can’t make the dialog work, though.  

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