Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s Pittura Infamante

Katrina and Ichabod on Fox's Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox)

We’re starting to ask ourselves the same question about Sleepy Hollow overall.

Between travel schedules, ‘jobs’, and familial commitments, lovers of Sleepy Hollow Tanya and Mooch don’t always get the chance to watch an episode within the week after its initial broadcast. Fortunately, at least one of the pair does. Even more fortunately, the other of the pair is more than willing to make wild guesses as to what transpired.

This week’s transcript was edited for space, and the prospect of a t-shirt for “Moloch’s Apocawhoops Farewell (Maybe?) Tour”.

The podcast may still occur, one of these days.

M: So would you like to talk about this limp episode of Sleepy Hollow?

T: No. I mean. I guess? Limp does not inspire confidence.

M: That’s what she said.


M: 😀

T: (Sidenote: Blake Shelton was host AND musical guest on SNL? Oy.) Okay: was this episode better than the last one sounded?

M: Well, I watched through the angel showing up – so a third of the episode?

T: Eh, you got the good stuff. So… this week: better than the recap from last week, on par, or even more flaccid?

M: My guess is they were roughly the same level of quality. Does it feel like this show is starting to go through the motions?

T: Sigh. Yes. Abbie’s still pulling out gorgeous eye rolls, Ichabod has that incredibly staccato delivery of his lines… but it feels like they’re running out of things to say. Is it weird to say I miss Moloch?

M: Not at all!

T: We need a Big Baddie.

M: Right – they keep referring to Henry…

T: BAH – Henry doesn’t count!

M: Who, I assume, is filming something else right now.

T: Or they’re trying to graft him a Big Baddie costume and it’s not going so well?

M: The stitching on those is uber difficult.

T: And itchy, I hear.

M: Don’t play like you don’t Buffy cos play on weekends. Your Glory outfit is awesome, from what I hear.

T: OH OH OH you segued into the Trachtenberg pretty sweetly there, Mucciolo.

M: …yes, I *completely intentionally* segued to Trachtenberg.

T: ::applauds::

M: I am so good at this. And things.

T: I hear your ramen bowls are amazing.

M: ….. I’m assuming I mentioned this to you at some point, and didn’t accidentally forward you an OKCupid conversation I was having last week. So – we DO NOT start with Abigail Adams and/or her bosom.

T: Quick q: what do you think Ichabod’s Myers-Briggs personality type is?


T: I was thinking ESTP, but there’s too little rational argument in that personality type, so… ESTJ


Okay, back to regular programming.

M: Wunderbar.

T: Sadface to not starting with the trachtenwhatsit.

M: We also do not start with any character we’ve ever seen before

T: So we start….at nighttime.

M: Correct!

T: In an unidentified location, possibly in the revolutionary past.

M: Nope, in media res. Today slash now.

T: Random baddie? Or random bystander?

M: We start with someone doing art restoration. At night.

T: Ooooh, on a painting of Mrs. Adams? Or of three devils?

M: On a painting… of a man… painting something. Dun dun DUN. (A study of the artist at work sort of thing.)

T: He’s painting the signing of the Constitution! He’s paining Betsy Ross sewing the flag! He’s painting himself… shaking hands… with an angel!

M: He’s painting an inverted cross.

T: Oh. Well whomp.

M: Well – it becomes relevant soon. Ish. Various imagery in this episode, btw, seemed… very obvious to me.

T: Bashed over the head with foreshadowing. Again. I should send them a bill for my migraines.

M: Snerk. A brief example: there are some shots of the frame and it seems pretty obvious something’s carved into it. Yet we get 1.5 scenes later on where they’re referring to ‘cracks’ in the frame, and only realize what they are upon close examination.

T: ….

M: But we’ll get to everything not noticed by these particular people shortly.

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