The Librarians Close the Book on Season 1 – Part 2!

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The Librarians and The Loom of Fate Dulaque returns and he’s tricked the librarians (and the Librarian, who has also returned) into leading him to the Loom of Fate. With the slice of a knife he’s torn history asunder, returning himself to King Arthur’s court and the most triumphant time of magic, and tossing Baird between multiple different timelines where Flynn never became the Librarian… and where Baird always died.

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

It’s the Looooooom of Faaaaaaate. Someone totally would have made that half-joke had the episode paused for half a moment. It didn’t, which was good, so just say it to yourself now. Loooooooom of Faaaaaaaaate. You can wave your hands spookily in the air if you want; it adds a certain ambience.

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

That dastardly Dulaque has apparently been playing quite the long game. He planted a false message tipping Flynn off to a key in a mummy’s tomb1 – Flynn thought it was the key to finding the library, but it actually points the team to where the evil no good bad man Dulaque wants to go.

BTdubs we know he’s totally evil no good bad when he tells his right hand gal Lamia that he needs a blood sacrifice to complete things, then waits until she turns to kill Baird and stabs her right in the back. Literally. Evil! Eeeeevil!

Teamwork makes the team work:

Ezekiel: Team Jones – do whatever this man tells you to.
Flynn: Team Jones – give me your shoelaces!

First we tied together much of the season – in order to open a doorway to a place this powerful, the team/Dulaque needed the storybook to bridge the worlds, the wish spell app to increase the power, and Tesla’s device(s) to control and focus the energy. With the sarcophagus from the episode’s cold open pointing the way and the ball of twine from the minotaur’s maze teased as ‘not being necessary right now’, Baird and Flynn are right on Dulaque’s heels – but not in time to prevent him from cutting the fabric of time and altering history. It was a Rube Goldberg contraption of magic and legend, a great kickoff to the episode.

We then get a sort of It’s a Wonderful Life or maybe Run Lola Run except everything’s terrible in all versions. In three different alternate timelines, Flynn never took the Librarian job, one of the Librarians in training did, and Baird, natch, became their Guardian – only to be killed by a much more powerful Dulaque every time. Each world they visit is being torn apart by magic beyond the Librarian’s control – Stone’s shotgun toting adventurer/hero can’t keep wars over magical artifacts from breaking out, Ezekiel is stuck with a holey universe where ghosts have body snatched most of humanity, and poor Cassandra is living Reign of Fire except without Christian Bale or Matthew McConaghie around to pretty up the place.

Each Alternalibrarian also had their own relationship with Baird, which nicely touched on how the characters have come to rely on and benefit from one another over the season. Stone and Baird were romantically linked, much like Flynn and Baird ‘now’, leading to a beyond-hilarious ‘Noooope! Nope! Nope!’ from Baird when a shocked Stone kisses her. Ezekiel saw Baird as a mother figure, helping him become a leader and someone who looked out for others. And this Cassandra used magic to heal herself, but then kept using it to enhance herself – at Morgan’s encouragement.2 But she acknowledges that this might not have been the case had Baird survived – she was a good check on some of Cassandra’s desires.3

In the end, Baird, and a much more invested Flynn, figure out how to fix the Loom. Of course, it requires all three AlternaLibrarians coming together to move Baird to her own timeline… where she can snag the ball of twine and use its energy to mend time’s fabric.

Things wrap up with Baird intimating to Jenkins that she’s wise to some strings he may have been pulling all season to get the best results for and from all involved. Jenkins gives one of his grimacy smiles and non-answer answers in reply – who else loves John Larroquette, eh people? And finally, Stone, Ezekiel, and Cassandra ‘graduate’ – they each get their own mini clippings book and are told to work with each other as needed, call on Flynn as needed, but mostly – go out there and help people. Which they do, the guys making lame excuses for joining in on Cassandra’s trip to Peru.

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

Jerry O’Connell cameo! With an English accent! I don’t know if they snagged him because of the episode’s similarity to all of Sliders or just because he’s in SyFy casting’s rolodex, but it was great fun to see him playing the smirking bad guy for the moment. And even more fun to see the non-Librarian librarian Flynn flailing wildly with his sword in a vain attempt to fight Lancelot Dulaque.

Actually, this whole sequence was wonderful because it rolls right into Jenkins/Galahad showing up and more than matching Lancelot Dulaque’s swordsmanship and pithy one liners. Which then rolled into the return of the Library, and some Baird-saving with a callback to episode 1, and an adorable stammering Flynn almost asking Baird out on a date.

This episode made me happy all around, you guys.

The science checks out:

“Not magic!” says a still-not-quite-on-board-with-the-magic-thing Flynn. “More of a misunderstood mathematics.”

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

Flynn helpfully exposits that the loom of fate is a legend appearing in multiple cultures throughout history, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of 2008’s Wanted and how everyone in the theater laughed out loud when Morgan Freeman introduced the concept.

Some closing thoughts on the first of what I legitimately hope are several seasons of The Librarians: this is definitely more of a kids/family show4 but it hit the right level of fun for everyone. It didn’t dumb things down too much, so all us adults could continue to enjoy, but it would be nice if there was more depth of continuity to the plot.5 A less-compressed schedule would also be nice – double episodes most weekends was approaching exhausting, actually. And it’s going to be interesting to see how they keep the team together, or not, episode to episode. The three new Librarians are all fun, and generally solid, but it doesn’t seem like any of them – young Ezekiel in particular – would carry an episode well by themselves.

To close, let’s take the end of a TV season to remember the important truth uttered in this episode: “I’m just as much [a Librarian] as you – I’ve got a book!”

Go read something, as we wait for more adventures from The Librarians.

  1. Like ya do…  
  2. We didn’t get another appearance by Alicia Witt, which is disappointing. Hopefully we’ll see more of her next year.  
  3. Side note – having Lamia show up as Cassandra’s Guardian was a nice touch, and an interesting portent of a possible allegiance switch if she’s back in season 2.  
  4. Although… did Baird curse in the finale?  
  5. Episode order was quite malleable this season.  

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