State of State of Affairs: Bullerophon

State of Affairs (Photo: NBC)

State of Affairs continues to do things, some of them good.

I’ve been staring at a blank post here for an hour while watching old episodes of Breaking Bad.1 I won’t compare it to State of Affairs, nor will I invoke The West Wing, but it’s all – “it” being the last hour, plus the hour before that where I watched this week’s episode of State of Affairs – making me quite nostalgic for episode one of this season. That episode was uneven, but fun. The stakes were properly high. The spycraft was on display. The ridiculous way the spycraft was used in the high stakes situation was properly bananas.

We’ll skip the intervening episodes. You can read all about them if you haven’t already.

Episode 7 of State of Affairs brought us back towards this show’s promise. There were hints of high stakes. There was a nice bit of spycraft with Charlie and Whatshisface. There was enough movement on eight different plotlines, personal and fate of the free world, to make things feel a bit bananas.

It’s a place to build on for the next few weeks. Build on. At the moment, just about everything that’s not an action/spy sequence is just a dull drone. It’s weird. It’s like half the cast is going through the motions, or (ahem, Ms. Woodard; also Whatshisprettyface.) tasting the set too often.

I’ll leave commentary about generic Muslim extremist plotlines for when I see what they build.

This Week’s AwesomeFactor: It’s the simple things, really. Like hiding a bottle of cheap whiskey in your trunk where you know it can be used to bribe border guards whilst secreting the good stuff in your wheel well. Oh how they laughed about that one.

Level of Ridiculousness Meter: Man I love real-time, in-the-field audio and visual communication with active covert ops teams. You know, when Jack2 still uses a bulky sat phone from base. Anyhoo….

Secret banana meter: 16.51,47.28 – forget it, Charlie… it’s Yemen.

  1. Say it with me: Ladies…  
  2. Hey! Next week he gets remembered as a semi-significant plot point!  

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