Look Out, Librarians: Daddy’s Home!

The Librarians (Photo: TNT)
The Librarians (Photo: TNT)

Dulaque is back, and will stop at nothing (or, at least, he won’t stop at dragons, pearls, or double-cheese-extra-pep pizza) to bring down the Librarians.

Dulaque is back, and will stop at nothing (or, at least, he won’t stop at dragons, pearls, or double-cheese-extra-pep pizza) to bring down the Librarians. Mooch is on vacation this week, so I’ll be your guide for this episode of How Uptempo Can We Keep This Show.

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

Ostensibly it’s the Mystic Pearl of the Fei Lung, aka the Pearl of Zhou, stolen by the Western dragons. It doesn’t have any special powers of its own, but dragons are apparently both very possessive and hot-headed.1 It’s up to the Librarians to retrieve and return it to its rightful owners.

Later, the Librarians discover the pearl is just a disguise for the Apple of Discord, an artifact that brings out the worst in whomever possesses it. It’s been hidden by Dulaque, who survived his freefall last week, in a backhanded attempt to end The Library.

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

The pearl, belonging to the Eastern dragons, has been taken to the Western dragons’ lair beneath The Vatican. Jenkins compares the dragons’ feud to the East Coast / West Coast hip-hop rivalry, but with more disastrous results: a previous disagreement between the dragons resulted in the Great Earthquake of 1906 that leveled San Francisco. If the Eastern dragons don’t get it back, they’ll destroy 60%, maybe 65% of the earth.

Teamwork makes the team work:

This episode is all about pairing Librarians just to see what happens:

Flynn makes an appearance to help out with “some of the more diplomatic aspects of librarianism,” but gets scolded by Baird for “undermining [her] authority” in front of the others.

Flynn is then prevented from playing the diplomat when Ezekiel mistakes the Eastern dragons’ representative for the pizza guy and becomes the only one who may speak for the Library. (I hope that double-cheese-extra-pep was worth it.)

As arbiter for The Conclave, a series of negotiations between representatives of each group of supernatural beings, Ezeiel unsurprisingly lacks the tact the job requires, and Jenkins steps in to help. Later, when Jenkins get frustrated and decides to leave rather than choose a side, Ezekiel verbally shames him into returning. The unusual pair works together one last time, with Jenkins distracting Flynn long enough for Ezekiel to pickpocket him and retrieve the Apple of Discord.

While looking for the entrance to the Western dragons’ lair, Cassandra solves a puzzle involving stepping on the right bricks in the street — a pattern determined by the Fibonnaci sequence.2 She gets distracted near the end of the sequence, though, and Jake has to determine the final brick, which he does by comparing the different ages of brick in the road.

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

Flynn running in circles with a shield, yelling, as he “draws fire” from sound-activated dart throwers. They are positively pelting the chamber containing the pearl from both sides, yet Flynn (with a single round shield) manages to escape without a scratch.

The science checks out:

“Earthquakes are not magic, they are the result of magic.” — Jenkins

“[These earthquakes and geysers are] not caused by [dragons] … they ARE dragons.” — Flynn

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

Apparently there’s a lot of unresolved sexual tension between Baird and Flynn; given how infrequently Flynn is due to check in, and that this show is limited to 10 episodes, I’m not sure where the writers think they’re going with that.

I did appreciate, however, that Ezekiel was the only Librarian who could safely handle the apple … because he’s already the worst version of himself.3

In a surprising revelation: Jenkins and Dulaque have some sort of previous history. My money’s on an upcoming reveal that they are brothers.

Next week: fairy tales are coming to life in an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes, aka Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.4

  1. Yes, Flynn, we see what you did there.  
  2. It’s like Indiana Jones and the Goblet of Jesus, only more mathy.  
  3. Ouch.  
  4. Squeeeeee!  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    Frakes knows how to make good TV! He also did last week’s (probably out of order) Santa episode.

  • Mary E Brewer

    Love this show.. The Librarians.. each episode is such fun.. can’t wait for more! Christian Kane brings his own magic to the show! Love seeing that! Thanks!

  • Beth Kredel

    Can’t wait for Sunday! Best new show on TV! So much fun! Who cares if it’s a little silly & far fetched! Most of the early comedies that have become classics, we’re very much the same! It’s nice to find a fun, family show these days!

  • Heidi Dobson

    I love the show and that it is getting stronger and better every week. Next Sunday, we get to see where Jacobs ax comes from.