What Else Was On: October 2014

Town of the Living Dead (Photo: Michael Cogliantry / SyFy)
Town of the Living Dead (Photo: Michael Cogliantry / SyFy)

There wasn’t too much new stuff in October to catch our attention, but we stuck with both Gracepoint and Town of the Living Dead until the end.

Gracepoint — Fox really stepped in it with this limited series. This show was based on Broadchurch, which BBC America imported and aired in the summer of 2013. Though a huge hit in the UK, it barely made a ripple stateside. The subject matter is most likely the real culprit here. The story involves the murder of a child at a small seaside vacation town. For the compassionate among us, there is too much sadness in every nook and cranny of the story. For the TV consumers, this is a plot point that would be a mere “complication” in any Law & Order: SVU story and hardly something that would get stretched out to 10 episodes. And boy did this show streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch. Broadchurch was only eight episodes and felt a little long. Kudos to Fox (and our crew) for sticking it out to the end, even if it wasn’t satisfying.

Town of the Living Dead — SyFy doubled down on zombies having a moment by bringing the genre into the network’s wheelhouse: reallllllllly bad movies. In this reality series, we traveled to Jasper, Alabama to get a behind the scenes look at the making of Thr33 Days Dead, an independent film that has been in production for six years. The participants on the show found our coverage and…there was a lot busting of chops in both directions.

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