What Else Was On: June 2014

Orange is the New Black (Photo: Netflix)
Orange is the New Black (Photo: Netflix)

June TV is the height of the doldrums but we were able to find stuff to watch online, both new and in the archives.

I Wanna Marry “Harry” — While ABC produced yet another meat parade of a season of The Bachelorette, Fox decided it was time to go back to punking the romance reality genre. In the tradition of Joe Millionaire came this series which featured Matthew Hicks, a guy who sorta looks like the Prince of Wales if you don’t have your glasses on maybe? The show only made it halfway through its run before Fox pulled the plug, but we watched every episode, dammit.

Austin Television Experience — We headed down to Texas for a long weekend for previews of fall programming, panels with experts and TV stars, and some Lone Star State cuisine.

Rising Star — Another “social media experiment” and another failed series. In this singing competition, viewers voted for the performances as they happened with a Tinder-like app. The technology didn’t have any major problems and the show developed a couple of neat workarounds to accommodate the West Coast. To be fair, the format has not worked anywhere outside of its native Israel, so ABC may not be fully to blame. Not a great show, but not a bad one either.

Orange is the New Black — The cage is (still) full as Netflix’s prison comedy/drama/awesomeness returned for a second season. Lorraine Toussaint and Uzo Aduba were the MVPs of the season and even the show seems to recognize at this point that Piper is the least interesting/worst person involved. We were able to savor the season in a sense—watching an episode a day instead of all 13 at once—but next June is still too far away…

Binge or Purge? — Going into the summer we knew there wouldn’t be a ton of new stuff to watch and write about. But with Netflix, Hulu, Roku, YouTube, and other VoD services there is an endless back catalog to explore. This series of posts looked at whether or not we should binge on these old series or purge them from our queues.

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