House of DVF Episode 8: Show Day Showdown

Is Kier, Brittany, or Amanda the new House of DVF Brand Ambassador?
House of DVF (Screen: E!)

Diane uses Fashion Week as the final test before decided which candidate—Amanda, Brittany, or Kier—will be her House of DVF Brand Ambassador.

Most of the season finale of House of DVF features Diane von Furstenberg weighing the pros and cons of the final three candidates. Rather than recap each individual instance, here’s a compilation:

Amanda: The youngest of the three candidates, Diane sees Amanda as beautiful, sincere, and curious. Stefani Greenfield thinks she is “delightful,” while Jessica Joffe makes it clear Amanda is her favorite. She mentions Amanda’s previous experience, including an internship at Michael Kors, but it’s a bit problematic that Amanda has not showcased this experience herself.

Brittany: Of the three candidates, Brittany is the most qualified. However, her attitude sucks. Chief Marketing Officer Eram likes her and was impressed with how Brittany handled the lunch meeting with the fashion editors. Jessica hates Brittany, and as he direct supervisor this could pose a problem.

Kier: Diane is the only person lobbying for Kier. Although she has improved on presenting herself, girlfriend is highly unstable. Remember that time she burst into tears trying on dresses with Jessica? Or saying this was the hardest thing she has ever done, which Diane instantly dismissed? Good times.

The final challenge for the candidates involves working the DVF show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The candidates assist with running the dress rehearsal, seating the 750+ guests at the actual show, and corralling the models through each step of the process. Kier has the most difficult time with the task, offending one model and having to pinch-hit for Naomi Campbell at the dress rehearsal. At first Diane was not amused with Kier’s walking, but came around when she learned her pet was a placeholder. Amanda had a slightly better experience, though somehow the model order got messed up between rehearsal and showtime. Brittany took charge of the situation, with Stefani noticing she gave direction without being condescending.

The eliminated candidates got to watch the show and got an early start on the champagne afterparty. The consensus: the runway show was fantastic and there is no way in hell Kier is going to win. After the candidates and senior staff join the soiree, Diane appears to announce her decision. First, she adores Kier, but honey….no. Kier feels confident that Diane will come knocking on her door when the winning candidate fails. Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

So it is down to Brittany and Amanda. Both candidates talk about how life-changing the experience was and there are lots of happy tears. Diane makes her announcement with a toast to the winner of a one-year contract…Brittany. CALLED IT. Amanda is okay with the decision, and I’m sure she’ll find a job in the industry without too much trouble. Jessica isn’t thrilled but accepts the decision. Stefani is also dubious, but maybe now Brittany knows the senior staff is watching her and her positive changes will continue.

Although I would have preferred an Amanda win, I’m not too bothered by this decision. My hope is that if there is a season two of this show that it be a documentary of Brittany’s year at the House of DVF rather than filling a job. The show has done a fantastic job of defying the conventions of the reality-competition genre that a genre jump does not seem all that far-fetched.

If there isn’t a second season, my hope is that someone will develop a “Fabulous Slumber Party” show where we get to watch Diane, Tim Gunn, and Cat Deeley hang out and chat for an hour. It could be along the lines of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour segment “What’s Making You Happy This Week?” Someone at E! should call me.

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