The Amazing Race: A Thriller in Manila

Robbie is the first of four players to get completely lost in this week's Amazing Race Roadblock.
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

Season 25 Episode 11 “Hooping it Up” – The final four teams spend some more time in the Philippines as they race towards the finish line, and we predict who’s most likely to win the whole thing.

We’re still on the four final teams for this round of the Amazing Race, after last week’s close finish was revealed to be a non-elimination leg.  The teams spent one more leg in Manila to determine who would be in the final leg.  It was a mostly drama-free leg, with teams staying pretty focused on getting to the finish line rather than talking smack about their competitors.  After heading back to Manila via jeepney, the teams got their next clue in Rajah Suleyman Park1.  From here, teams hit their next detour, which offered them the very descriptive choice of “This” or “That”

  • This: Teams played street basketball against a neighborhood team.  Once teams had scored 21 points, they were allowed to continue to the next task
  • That: Teams rode padyaks around a marked course for four laps, with each partner biking two of the laps.  If they completed the task in under 17 minutes, they would be allowed to continue

After completing their chosen task, teams were sent to Divisoria Market, where they needed to deliver two local coconut products, brooms and shells to local vendors.  Once all this was complete, teams were able to go to the Pit Stop at Fort San Diego, where the last team to arrive was likely to be eliminated.

Here’s how the teams did:

  1. Brooke and Robbie – I’m really worried the show is trying to set us up for a Wrestlers win, you guys.  I would not be happy with that.  Despite being in last place at the start of the leg and having an extra task to complete, the mostly physical nature of this round really worked in the Wrestlers’ favor.  Always ones to have trouble finding vehicles, the wrestlers were able to finally get a hired car with little trouble and were able to get right to their speed bump.  Unloading a padyak was pretty easy for Brooke and Robbie, and with some other teams lost, this allowed them to make up a massive amount of time and finish most of their tasks with minimal interruption. Brooke was a monster on the basketball court, sinking shot after shot, and although Robbie had some trouble realizing that he needed to get the addresses of where to deliver his coconuts to from the van, it was a pretty smooth ride into the finals for the wrestlers…who then don’t get a prize this leg because the next one starts immediately.  They’re given their next clue and a manila envelope and told to head out right away.
  2. Adam and Bethany – The Soul Surfers have constantly shown how much you can do with just one arm, and Bethany continues to impress.  After getting back to Manila, the surfers choose to do the basketball detour, which they accomplish without too much issue.  From here, they’re able to deliver their coconuts easily and get to the finish line 2nd, securing a spot in the finals and putting the Dentists in peril of potentially not making it to the next leg for the first time this race.  They’re also immediately off on the next leg when Phil gives them the next clue and that manila envelope.
  3. Jim and Misti – In the first leg where they could truly be eliminated, the Dentists had to make sure their eyes were on the prize this round, but got off to a bad start.  After teaming up with Amy and Maya, the dentists share a jeepney with the girls – that ends up going the wrong way and setting both teams back, time-wise.  The dentists choose to do the the paydak-riding challenge and took out their frustrations on the Candy Girls, at one point sending them into some cars while on the challenge.  After finishing in time, though, and making relatively quick work of the market challenge, they’re safely into the finals of the Amazing Race, setting off on the next leg immediately to try and redeem their poor performance this leg.
  4. Amy and Maya – After a great performance last round, the Candy Girls fell back into their last-place and near-last-place finishes.  Teaming up with the Dentists was a great idea, until both teams ended up going the wrong way.  That seems to hinder them the entire rest of the leg, with struggles in the paydak-riding challenge putting them a few minutes behind the dentists.  They also struggle with a few of their orders in the market, and arrive to the mat looking defeated.  After giving Amy a few minutes to sit with the med team and literally catch her breath, Phil gives them the traditional spiel that every team last to the mat gets…on a non-elimination leg.  The girls seem shocked that they’re still in the finals, but Maya starts losing it in a happy way and can’t believe it.  They’re given the same clue and manila envelope as the rest of the teams and sent on their way, but are warned that one team is going to be eliminated mid-leg.  They open their clue and are told to head to the City of Angels…Los Angeles, the last stop on this tour around the world.

So who’s going to win this whole thing?  I’d love for Amy and Maya to surprise the rest of the pack not just by still being in the race, but by taking the whole thing.  That said, they’re at a disadvantage and if there’s not a flight situation that equalizes the teams enough, they could still be the first to go.  If that’s the case, I’d like to see the surfers win.  The surfers and the dentists have seemed like inevitable locks for the final since leg 1, and I’d prefer it go to the team that seemed less over competitive and proved that only having 3 arms between them wouldn’t hold them back.  The wrestlers could also take it if they maintain their lead, with their ability to make quick work of physical tasks, but if there’s any sort of equalizing situation with their flight to LA, Brooke’s whining and attitude are going to reappear and pull them down in the pack, possibly even to a point where they could be eliminated.

Who will be eliminated next leg?  Who will win the race?  What’s in those manila envelopes?  All should be revealed on Friday, when the Amazing Race finishes its 25th season!

  1. except for Brooke & Robbie, who had to complete an extra speed bump before continuing  

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  • I wouldn’t object if Brooke and Robbie somehow Guido’d themselves, but I doubt that will happen. Given how close the last few legs have been, this seems like a situation where the final roadblock/”what have we learned” puzzle will decide everything. I suspect it will be bird-related, given the many birds featured at various pitstops, though there will have to be other elements as well.