House of DVF Episode 7: All’s Fair in War and Fashion

Stefani Greenfield has concerns on House of DVF.
House of DVF (Photo: E!)

One candidate may not be nice, one may be overly edited, one is the clear favorite, and one gets the gift bag on this week’s House of DVF.

We rejoin the adventures of the House of DVF as Brittany meets with Diane. Diane wants to know if Brittany is a nice person. Brittany is caught off-guard by the question, which probably says more than any answer she could verbalize. “Are you nice?” shouldn’t be that much of a head-scratcher. Brittany admits she gets defensive if she feels attacked, something she attributes to a previous abusive relationship. Hmmm. Diane seems fine with that answer and decides not to gift-bag Brittany.

Once Brittany rejoins her cohort (who are not happy to see her), the candidates learn they are about to do a photoshoot and interview with InStyle magazine. They meet with Jessica Joffe and Stefani Greenfield to go over the details. One of those details: Amanda’s poor decision of getting flash tattoos, a sorta temporary bedazzling of her hands and ankles. Aside from looking rather juvenile, it doesn’t exactly convey the DVF brand. Also not conveying the brand: Lenore’s taste in assembling a DVF ensemble. Jessica ends up dressing down Lenore for playing dressup and wasting time. Both of these problems resurface during the actual photo session, with the flashtats causing glare in the frame and Lenore becoming uptight and rigid. The interview is…okay. Amanda’s fashion knowledge falls out of her head the moment she is asked a question, but everyone else seems to engage the interviewer. Lenore does prattle on a bit about her non-fashion experience, and she doesn’t tie it in to what she would be doing as a fashion ambassador, but she remains personable.

Diane debriefs with the team and says they did fine, but she would like Lenore to accompany her on the way to another appointment. Lenore hopes it’s a one-on-one opportunity, but she gets gift-bagged. Diane praises Lenore’s sales abilities and has set up a meeting with the candidate and the head of the sales division. Both sides agree that the Brand Ambassador role was not the right fit, but they hope to find some place in the DVF family that would be a good match. I’m sad to see Lenore go, but this was probably the right call.

The next day, Brittany and Kier decide to gang up on Amanda and ask her to defend her position in this process. Amanda doesn’t fully engage, which is smart. She interviews that professional experience (which she does have) does not necessarily trump people skills, particularly in such a public-facing role.

Stefani informs the candidates of the next challenge. The wrap dresses they made a couple episodes ago are ready for presentation to buyers, so they will be pitching the designs to Nordstrom. They go through a workshop session on how to do an effective sales pitch. “Today feels like charm school,” Stefani confesses in an interview. Hehe. Amanda’s posture is a mess, Brittany needs to be reminded to smile, and Kier needs to study up on fabrics and the details. After the tutorial, Jessica pulls Amanda aside. She says in no uncertain terms that Amanda is her favorite, but she needs to be more assertive when Brittany and Kier are around. Considering the Brand Ambassador will report to Jessica, I think we may know who the winner is. After the pep talk, Amanda and Jessica visit Diane and client Jessica Hart. Amanda goes through a sales pitch and hits all of the points she needed to hit. And in front of the big boss, no less.

Fast forward to the sales pitch in front of the Nordstrom team. Kier goes first and presents a navy and white pantsuit. She does well, but something comes across as unauthentic. I think she has edited herself too much and her personality isn’t coming through. Amanda and Brittany tagteam on a party dress. The buyers like both options, but have decided to purchase the party dress. A revamped version was developed by DVF’s design team and is now available for sale. Nice. Brittany runs out of the room because she starts crying from happiness.

Diane has a debrief with the candidates and congratulates them on an excellent pitch session. The pitch session turns into a bitch session as the candidates proceed to position themselves and throw the opposition under the bus. Diane notices Amanda is much more aggressive in her approach, pointing out that Kier’s blogging is not a substitute for internships and industry experience and Brittany is difficult to approach. The bickering continues for a few more minutes before Diane acknowledges the diminishing returns of the exercise.

Next week on House of DVF: It’s the season finale! There’s a fashion show! Amanda screws up! But will that cause her to lose the job?!

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