Say Hello to Bye Felicia!

Life coaches Missy Young and Deborah Hawkes serve makeover realness on VH1's Bye Felicia!
Bye Felicia! (Photo: VH1)

Life coaches Missy Young and Deborah Hawkes provide sass and makeovers (in that order) on VH1’s new show Bye Felicia! You should be watching this.


Bye Felicia! No, wait, come back! That’s the name of the show that airs on VH1 at 9pm on Tuesdays.


Atlanta-based life coaches Missy Young and Deborah Hawkes have relocated to Los Angeles to work with women who need style and life makeovers. From VH1’s description:

Advocating with an edge, Deborah and Missy will motivate the white girls of LA by giving them the guidance they need to confront their issues. Whether you need a friend to tell you it’s time to leave your man or the good sense to retire your wardrobe, Deborah and Missy offer their opinions the only way they know how – with no nonsense and flat out comedy.


This show seems to be part of an emerging trend in cable makeover shows, which began with Lifetime’s Girlfriend Intervention. Although the trend is black women trying to change white women via tropes, this version of the formula doesn’t come across as offensive as Girlfriend Intervention did. Lifetime’s show was about exploiting African-American female stereotypes, while Bye Felicia! doesn’t come across as artificial.

Who is Bye Felicia! For?

The show hits all the markers for a makeover show. It is more sassy than saccharine, so factor that in if this genre is in your zone.

What Works

Missy and Deborah are absolutely fabulous. They have been best friends for decades and their chemistry is instantly recognizable. Their interactions during joint talking head pieces come across as genuine even though some of the lines feel scripted. If this show doesn’t work out, I would love to see these two as a team on the Amazing Race.

The show’s format also works well. Each episode features two clients and does a good job of bouncing back and forth from each story. There’s no overlap between the clients, so this is a good maximization of the hourlong running time.

What Doesn’t Work

Since Deborah and Missy are originally from Atlanta, there are some interstitial fish out of water moments as they adapt to Los Angeles. Although it’s fun to hang out with the Bye Felicia! stars in some moments that aren’t (over)produced, they don’t really add anything to the episode.


Do not say Bye Felicia! to this show. The clients are challenging, but willing to participate. Deborah and Missy’s charm is totally intoxicating and worth every moment of watching. The first season will be eight delightful episodes.

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