Gracepoint’s Denouement

Susan Wright (Jacki Weaver) on Gracepoint
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Well that was a solid episode of Gracepoint last night if I do say so myself. I mean, I wasn’t riveted or anything1 but things happened, they were interesting, and I won’t go into much detail here except to say this show may make me give up on having a family as the mere utterance of that word seems to spell certain doom for all involved.

All the mothers stood out this episode. Jacki Weaver’s Susan Wright/whateverherothernameis was the episode’s focus, bringing to light a dark family secret and then showing a fascinating mix of tenderness, resignation, and possibly instability. Virginia Kull seriously, seriously needs to be nominated for her work as Beth Solano. She’s nailing every scene, every different emotion her character is whipsawed through, and is really making Kevin Rankin and Michael Pena work to keep up.2 Anna Gunn’s Det. Miller gets to briefly step up with Carver in the hospital, and there’s a certain resolved strength that’s emerging as some form of conclusion draws near.

It’s that conclusion that now worries me. The pacing and plotting still make no sense – really, how has Gracepoint done so little with so much? Sundance’s The Red Road – plodding and slow as that show often was – covered at least as much ground vis a vis secrets, families, family secrets, crime, families of criminals, etc. in six episodes as Gracepoint has managed to squeeze in in nine. They now have 44 minutes to resolve many things, many of which have only been vaguely touched upon – some just now, in this penultimate episode! Something’s going to land with a thud, I can feel it. Something isn’t going to be earned in the conclusion.

I suppose it’s prediction time, what with only one episode left in Gracepoint. I’m still sticking with a Mystic River-esque scenario involving Miller’s son and probably the Solano’s daughter’s boyfriend3 pulling some strings in a drug deal gone bad. Father Whatshisname will be revealed to have become angry – possibly striking one or both of the boys – when he found drugs on the camping trip the other month. Maybe he was blackmailed by the boyfriend to let it slide, and Sam, at least, got out – and now blames the good Father for not also rescuing Danny. Danny kept being involved, isolating him even more from Sam, and all the while they’re using the unstable vet’s house and the cabin as meeting/shipment points.

That’s probably it.

  1. Definitely checked in on Ryan and Mike’s coverage of Peter Pan Live!, and not just at commercials.  
  2. Neither always does, which is a shame as they’re certainly both capable.  
  3. Who – clear example of how everything this season meander’s about. Why are we only getting an emotional connection between him and the Solano’s in the last two episodes? How much more interesting would any reveal of his involvement in anything be if he hadn’t just drifted in as of late. Same, while I’m ranting in a footnote, about the entire Vince thing. Give me something more prior to episode 8, okay? It would have made his violence (towards his possible mother!) in ep. 9 all the more impressive.  

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