State of Affairs Slips Out of Gear

State of Affairs "Half the Sky" Episode
State of Affairs (Photo: NBC Universal)

Figures the week I’d volunteer to write another post there’d be nothing to write about…

This should be a post about how State of Affairs pulled off a tricky enough balancing act, a women-centered crisis of the week (a thinly veiled take on the Chibok kidnappings) handled by two strong, capable women1 with nary a hint of dead fiancé storyline or illustration of how hard it is to operate in a man’s world to suds up the proceedings. And in a way, it is a post about that, inasmuch as I’ll say that that was done, it occurred, well met good show.

But, really, in all the other ways, this is a post about how I didn’t pay much attention to this week’s State of Affairs because it was kind of slow and more disjointed than its predecessors. What’s interesting – legitimately interesting, albeit in a fairly uninteresting hour – is how State of Affairs actually filled the hour when, say, anything on CBS2 would have felt empty. There’s a lot to the world State of Affairs has created, and that means there’s almost always another character or scenario to turn to instead of just filling pages.3 Maybe there’s too much of this right now – I am not quite certain who Charlie was with on the ship or why someone was being tortured therein – leading to a perfunctory nature of some exchanges, which in turn lead to the general malaise I encountered on my couch last night. But such perfunctory…ness didn’t lead to a channel flip.

Credit, then, must go to some combination of the writers and actors for, if not adding depth at least, adding the mirage of meaning and focus to whatever occurred. Let me encourage building off of this via a return to some Egregious Breaches of Procedure and maybe a little more energy in the proceedings.

A show like State of Affairs looks normal but is secretly bananas. The concern is it goes bad bananas and it’s impossible to engage with it the way you once did – Sleepy Hollow went bad bananas midway into its first season and the madcap pacing and gleeful fun of that show has yet to return. But no reason to panic about State of Affairs quite yet – we’re only three episodes in. And we have an enunciating Nestor Carbonell!

This should be fun. Please writers – make it fun. I like bananas Charlie and her F-it gang and would hate to lose them.

  1. Who totally ace the Bechdel test, btw.  
  2. Or half of FOX. Or a third of NBC.  
  3. Whether or not any of it pans out is a separate question for a separate, much rantier, post in a few months time.  

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