Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Magnum Opus’

Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox)

At this point we’re holding out for Bloom County’s Opus to add a bit of depth to the proceedings.

Between travel schedules, ‘jobs’, and familial commitments, lovers of Sleepy Hollow Tanya and Mooch don’t always get the chance to watch an episode within the week after its initial broadcast. Fortunately, at least one of the pair does. Even more fortunately, the other of the pair is more than willing to make wild guesses as to what transpired.

This week’s transcript was edited for space, and unrelated asides about necklaces and the High Holy Days.

The podcast may still occur, one of these days.

T: Let me know when you’re ready!

M: Computer… slowly…waking…up.

T: Got coffee? Or tea? Or bourbon?

M: For the computer?! Are you *mad* woman?

T: For vous, silly man. Your computer has no mouth.

M: Oh, I’m fine. It is just the computer right now.

T: Well give it a good whack and a stare.

M: Once again – you do not get to babysit my kids.

T: Your children will (lord help us) not be machines.

M: Don’t tell me how to live my life. Or what life to make with my life.

T: Fine, go ahead and find yourself a cyberwoman. She’ll be a cold and vengeful armful. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. PLUS then who *would* babysit?

M: Anyhoo – would you like to play a game?

T: Yes game yes please.

M: Let’s start with the big picture: this episode is entitled ‘Magnum Opus’.

T: Whose?

M: Unclear.

T: Meh. The phrase “magnum opus” makes me think of Mr. Holland’s Opus and the description of playing clarinet like the sunset. If my band teacher, Mr Evans, has ever said that, my poor flute woulda squalked and buzzed and generally been filled with spit and laughter and no music at all

M: Assuming the writers have the same definition of that term as do normal people, which magnum opus is this episode most like? a) Crime and Punishment b) The Ring Cycle c) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade d) ‘The Stand’ e) whatever album ‘Kashmir’ is off of.

T: Physical Graffiti. I’m thinking, though… When you say Crime and Punishment, do you mean Long and Interminable?

M: That book was great via DailyLit.

T: And when you say The Ring Cycle, do you mean Peterjacksonismyhero?

M: No, the opera.

T: Also long and interminable. And when you say Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade do you mean I remember nothing about that film except Petra and the penitent man?1

M: You’re doing a great job of avoiding the question.

T:  Welllll I’m just trying to ascertain what you mean when you give me these options, as I think I might have different interpretations. Though, really, Peter Jackson SHOULD take a stab at Wagner. Also Enya + Wagner = win?

M: For the sake of argument, let us add both ring cycles to the list.

T: Also: how is The Stand a magnus opus? Wait, magnum ice cream. Oooooh sugar rush.

M: <sigh>

T: Okay: because our heroes are brash young stripling things with literary references and, um, verve, let’s say Indiana Jones. (Also relics. And daddy issues.)

M: For any number of reasons… you are completely correct! This week’s cold open is a closeup of Ichabod’s eyes, and him murmurring “The question is… who am I?” What, pray tell, is revealed to be occurring?

T: Oh no – Ichabod has an existential crisis: he’s discovered Camus and Sartre. He’s found HG Wells and is confused about time!

M: You are in the ballpark insofar as these are famous personages.

T: Lewis Carroll. Ichabod is identifying with Alice before the caterpillar.

M: Think smartphones.


M: Also, foreheads.

T: What?

  1. How did we miss this during the chat? Great band name.  

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