House of DVF Episode 5: The Frontline of Fashion

Kier delivers a fantastic face-plain on House of DVF.
House of DVF (Photo: E!)

Diane cleans house on this week’s episode of House of DVF as the bickering between candidates becomes embarrassing.

Oh my goodness, so much happened in this episode of House of DVF. Let’s go candidate by candidate:


We rejoined the action at the point where Jinna and Abigail get summoned to the Olive & Fig for a meeting with Diane and her Gift Bag of Doom. DVF has a question for both women: what is the job they are applying for? Jinna gives a boilerplate answer about representing the DVF brand, which does not impress the boss. DVF says drunken behavior is hardly acceptable, but Jinna defends herself by saying her shenanigans took place off the clock. Abigail is dismissed so DVF can have a come to Jesus moment with the candidate. Here’s the thing: when you are a brand ambassador—especially in a media heavy industry like fashion—there is no concept of “off the clock.” DVF lets Jinna go. Jinna cries about how she had to give up everything to pursue this opportunity. Diane says she is compassionate toward Jinna’s plight, but compassion and business do not work hand in hand. Tough love Diane is my favorite Diane.


The next project has the five remaining candidates working at the flagship DVF store selling to the company’s VIP clients. In this case, the I stands for “insufferable.” All of the clients are high maintenance, the kind where if they do not get what they want they will say “I’m going to have you fired,” and follow through. Fortunately for the candidates, the situation never escalates to that point. Abigail adopts the strategy I would adopt in this situation: hide in the corner and alphabetize purses. Stefani notices this and quips “the only checking out we do is at the register.” It should come as no surprise that Abigail landed in last place in terms of total sales. The exercise was not presented as an elimination task, but Abigail’s continued lack of drive when it comes to sales demonstrated to DVF that this job is not the right fit for the candidate. By the way, we are only about 12 minutes into this episode and we have already lost one-third of the cast.


Amanda has finally become a character other than “the blonde one who isn’t Kier.” During the sales challenge, the Chief Marketing Officer Eran’s wife and daughter came into DVF. Lenore engaged both women as they entered and guided them through the store. Amanda decided to try to snatch the daughter while Lenore worked with the mom. Both candidates bicker in front of the customers (not good), but DVF liked seeing the initiative on Amanda’s part.


The next task for the candidates was to develop a social media campaign around the concept of “effortless, sexy, and on the go.” They had to find a potential DVF girl on the street and tell her story through four pictures. Kier and Amanda found a woman named Sandy who was an entrepreneur who donates a part of her profits to women’s charities. She sounds so much more interesting than the single mom schoolteacher the other team found because, in Kier’s words, “being a single mom is not that hard, really.” Oh darling. They decide to go with Sandy, but then they do a phone interview and learn that she doesn’t have much of a life outside of work and there is only so much you can do about body jewelry.


Brittany comes up with a plan B the next day. Her best friend Sammy fits the mould they are going for and she’s available. Kier is late to the meeting, but is 100% on-board with the new plan. The other women are expecting conflict, and when none is presented they create their own. This sets a tone for the rest of the day, with Brittany and Kier sniping at each other and exhibiting rather poor behavior in front of the models. Brittany keeps setting herself as the martyr/savior of the group, which gets on everyone’s nerves.


Lenore is the House of DVF MVP this week. She kicked butt in the sales challenge, even with the squabble with Amanda. While Brittany and Kier bickered on the way to the first photo shoot location, she decided that the best way to cope was to have a one-person dance party. WHICH IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. Lenore had the last shoot of the day and by this point all of the candidates were snapping at each other. Lenore’s concept was to have the model sneaking in a workout between work and her evening plans. Lenore wasn’t able to articulate her vision verbally, which caused the other candidates to poo-poo her ideas rather than doing what the director was telling them to do. Every time Kier whined about Lenore’s ideas not making sense, I wanted someone to show her a Dolce & Gabbana ad. In the end, DVF said she liked Lenore’s photo the best and that it could be a DVF ad. HA!

Unfortunately for the candidates, the presentation of the social media campaign devolved into more bickering and positioning. This did not impress Diane or her social media strategist Natalie Joos. This is why group interviews are a bad idea.

Next week on House of DVF: the candidates have to throw a party in the Hamptons.

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