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Brooke gets annoyed seeing Maya put the "fun" in "funambulist" on the Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 9: “You’re Taking My Tan Off” — The Amazing Race goes to Singapore, and puts the five remaining teams through a tough leg of painful challenges.

The five remaining teams on The Amazing Race leave Malta, having discovered last week that it is in fact a country, and head for Singapore, finally launching us out of Europe and into Asia.  Once teams arrive, there’s a boat ride and a brief run to a coconut stand on the island, where consuming a coconut’s worth of fresh coconut water gets them their next clue.  Teams have the chance to fast forward to the end of the leg by surfing at the Wave House, but those not taking that chance proceed to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, where they must tightrope between 2 of the hotel’s 3 towers to get their next clue.  After completing the challenge they proceed to Raffles Place to find a man with a clue walking around the square and find out about this week’s detour, China Cups or Chili Crabs:

  • China Cups: Teams must undergo a series of treatments, including a painful massage, skin exfoliation, and cupping therapy, which is best described as the opposite of massage.  It looks painful.
  • Chili Crabs: Teams must crack open 2 pounds of crabmeat from Singapore’s national dish, chili crabs.  The crabs are piping hot and served in an equally hot sauce, making this slightly more painful than expected.

After completing the detour, teams have a chance to U-Turn two other teams at a double U-Turn in Fort Caning park.  Their next clue tells them to figure out which of Singapore’s five merlion statues has the next clue box.  Only the merlion at Mount Faber has a clue, which delivers teams to their pit stop for this leg at Singapore’s Fullerton Pavillion.

Here’s how the teams ended this leg of the race:

  1. Adam and Bethany (Last week: 1st place): Adam and Bethany remain in the lead this week, although they got off to a bad start.  Along with the Dentists, the surfers choose to stay with the provided flight from Malta to Paris and figure out their route to Singapore from there.  Thanks to a new rule that forces teams to stay with the flight they’ve booked even if another team finds a better route, this places them towards the back of the pack when everyone else finds a flight that gets them to Singapore 40 minutes before everyone else.  Feeling like they have nothing to lose in the back of the pack, they decide to try the Fast Forward challenge at the Wave House, and, being surfers, are able to hang on for longer than Kym and Alli and get to go straight to the pit stop.  This was some smart gameplay on their part – we’ll see if their luck continues to hold out as we near the end of the race.
  2. Brooke and Robbie (Last week: 5th place): Brooke continues her campaign to become everyone’s least favorite racer this week.  Even Robbie’s general goofiness can’t make up for her awfulness this week.  After the cyclists help the wrestlers and candy girls find an earlier flight to Singapore, Brooke returns the favor by continuing her weird vendetta against the cyclists and lying to the candy girls over a perceived slight when looking for the clue in Raffles Plaza.  Brooke manages to whine the entire time she’s crossing the tightrope 1, cries through most of the china cups massage, and has no problem with giving the candy girls bad information to try and knock them out at the last second.  They also forget their own plan to U-Turn the cyclists when given the chance.  Somehow, despite all this (and their usual trouble with finding cabs) the wrestlers ended this week in 2nd.  Hopefully their luck runs out soon – I’m not sure I can take any more of Brooke.
  3. Jim and Misti (Last week: 2nd place): The Dentists were in the same boat (literally) as the Surfers this week, trusting that connecting through Paris was the fastest way to Singapore and ending up behind the pack as a result.  Despite the promised terror of the high wire snapping as he crossed it from last week’s promo, this ended up being only momentary, as Jim was quickly reeled back in and the course re-set.  After crossing and returning, the dentists made the wise choice of picking the Chili Crab task, skipping the agony (and forced amount of time) for the massage challenge and choosing something that, heat of the crab aside, they’re able to power through relatively quickly.  Once they’ve extracted their crabmeat, the merlion challenge is quickly completed and the Dentists finish this leg of the race without needing to use the Save at all2.  They’re back to being an open target – will the teams finally try to knock them out of the race?
  4. Amy and Maya (Last week: 4th place): Now that the pack has thinned, the Sweet Scientists are finally getting some more screen time, although lately they’ve tended to be towards the end of the pack.  Getting on the earlier flight to Singapore gives them an early advantage in this leg of the race, and Maya blasts through the tightrope challenge with a huge smile on her face.  The girls are the first to pick which detour they want, and end up suffering through the massage challenge – both of the scientists have low pain tolerances, and Amy is seen crying hysterically and biting a towel through most of the treatments.  They manage to power through this and get to the merlion challenge.  Trusting the wrestlers that there’s no clue box at Mount Faber, they check every other merlion statue before heading back, knocking them back a few positions in the race.
  5. Kym and Alli (Last week: 3rd place): It’s a disappointing week for the cyclists, who had become my favorite team this race.  After starting out strong and getting on the earlier flight to Singapore, the cyclists argued back and forth on whether to do the fast forward or not, eventually choosing to try it.  Despite the lead time, the surfers showing up to try their hand at it as well ended up not working out for them and putting them in the back of the pack after the surfers were able to complete the surfing challenge in only 2 tries3.  The cyclists were able to power through the tightrope and massage challenges relatively quickly, but even the Sweet Scientists getting bad information from the wrestlers couldn’t get them into 4th position this leg.  Unfortunately, this was an elimination leg, and the cyclists are headed home.

Next week on The Amazing Race: The Philippines!  Will anyone’s ox be broken this time around?

  1. having learned that being a “funambulist” is not as fun as she thought  
  2. which feels like a particular waste of the new feature  
  3. the surfers getting a surfing challenge feels a little unfair, but the cyclists had at least some kind of advantage when cycling in Denmark  

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