Z Nation – Episode 12 “Murphy’s Law”

Z Nation; Murphy
The hero Z Nation neither needs nor deserves but definitely loves (Screen: Syfy)

The writers of Z Nation take a break from copying other zombie stories they’ve seen and read to rip off The Matrix when they make Murphy The One.


This week’s Z Nation finds the gang stopping at a country club for a little R & R/food and water. A small group of survivors already at the country club offer to help the gang get to California, except – surprise! – they’re evil. After roofying Warren, Doc, Stranger Boy, and Cage Girl, the nefarious trio of strangers kidnap Murphy to help them navigate a gathering of zombies that stand between the living and one bitching party of Oxy in a warehouse.

Nailed it

Murphy is The One now. Not only do zombies recognize him as one of their own and not attack him, but Murphy can mentally and physically control both zombies AND living humans infected with the Z virus! Z Nation just jumped the Sharknado in the most glorious way.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but again, Keith Allan’s performance as Murphy is what sells this entire thing. Murphy controlling the bodies of the infected is ridiculous and would almost be close to making any (semi-)sane person call time on this series – if it wasn’t for Keith Allan, because damn it all if that man doesn’t sell this absurdity to perfection.

So close

So, Warren, Doc, Stranger Boy, and Cage Girl all wake up at the exact same time after being drugged with varying doses of an unknown drug, are completely and fully on their games the second they wake up, free themselves from handcuffs with a wooden golf tee (after killing a zombie chained up with them), and are able to track down and catch up with the evil trio who had over a two hour head start? Did Cate Blanchett’s scene get cut where she shows up and bestows Warren et al with Evlish magical capes that make them walk at the speed of light? Because that’s the only way this is going to hold up.

I love you, Syfy

Zombie boners. Zombies get boners in this episode. According to this episode’s bad guys, Zs love them some pharmaceuticals1. Some zombies have chowed down on Ritalin and are now sprinting around2. Then, Warren and Cage Girl spot some zombies with erections, which prompts Doc to declare that those zombie chowed down on Viagra3. Wait a second… are Tina & Co. from Town of the Living Dead behind this episode? ‘Fess up, guys; y’all had a hand4 in this, didn’t you?


This series will turn out to be Syfy’s ode to The Last Temptation of Christ/”An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge.” The final moments of the series will reveal that the entire show happened in the few seconds between right after Murphy was injected with the Z virus in prison and moments later when he succumbed to death.

  1. because “human flesh” and “manufactured drugs” are interchangeable  
  2. a quick Google search would’ve shown the 12 year-olds writing this show that Usain Bolt impersonations are not a side effect of Ritalin  
  3. maybe if Doc were a real doc or at least had access to Google, he’d know unwelcome crotchular region salutes can also be a side effect of Ritalin  
  4. or other appendage  

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